The Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Different Organic Selenium Sources on Oxidative Stress in Broilers

Published on: 09/30/2013
Author/s : Pietro Celi, P.H. Selle and A.J. Cowieson – University of Sydney, Australia

I. INTRODUCTION The role of Se in poultry nutrition has been reviewed extensively (Surai, 2002a,b). Selenium is involved in the control of several physiological functions such as growth and immunocompetence. Se, as a constituent of selenoproteins, has structural and enzymatic roles, which impact on the antioxidant status and thyroid secretion of the bird (Sevcikova et al,. 2006). Also, Se is a com...

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September 30, 2013
What would be the impact of fortifying such formulations with Vitamin E?

October 1, 2013
Vit E would increase lipid stability in breast muscle
Aoun Khan Aoun Khan
general manager production
October 1, 2013
what should b the dose for broilr &duration of presesntation
October 1, 2013
Dose for selenium or Vit E?
October 5, 2013
Good article, any effect on weight gain and FCR
October 6, 2013
Growth performance was very similar across all dietary treatments, in contrast, significant differences in nutrient utilisation were observed. The N-corrected AME value (AMEn) for the negative control (14.14 MJ/kg) and SH (14.15 MJ/kg) diet were significantly higher (P < 0.01) than the SM (13.64 MJ/kg) diet. Alternatively, N retention with the SM (68.4%) diet was significantly higher (P < 0.005) than the control (65.2%) and SH (64.5%) diets
October 7, 2013
Thank you so much Mr. Pietro Celi.
Dr. Phan Quang Vinh Dr. Phan Quang Vinh
DVM, Ph.D. Physiology and Biochemistry
March 27, 2014
Activity of GSH-Px and SOD increased in plasma,muscle and liver samples of birds received Se supplementation. What are implications which could be derived from these findings? Se supplementation helps to increase the specific activity of each of the two enzymes? or Se induces higher rate of GSH-Px and SOD synthesis? what are the desirable benefits we want to have in these two cases.
If the authors accept the results of their statistical analysis, then they should not try to give the impression that SH appears to be better than SM based on Tables 1,2,and 3. they should simply concluded that Se supplemented at 0.3 mg/kg feed significantly improves antioxidant status in broilers observed at 42 days after hatching
aliasghar aliasghar
February 23, 2017

Interesting article, can we use in-ovo inoculation of these selenium supplements in chick embryo?

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