John Brake speaks on potassium and phosphorus in poultry nutrition

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Daniel Venne Daniel Venne
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
March 15, 2017

It is interesting that acid base balance and blood ph plays a major role in tissue oxygenation by the Bohr effect. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Venne.

Asif M. Cheema Asif M. Cheema
March 23, 2017

Dear John,

What should be the level of Potassium in Broilers and layer hens? Can we use Potassium Sulfate (which is easily available)?

Youssef Attia Youssef Attia
April 24, 2017
Hello my friend what the recommended levels of potassium carbonate and none phytate phosphorus you have found to connect with improving performance with broilers and breeders
Youssef Attia
Asif M. Cheema Asif M. Cheema
April 24, 2017
Dear Professor Youssef Attia, May I add that you please ask for the level of Potassium in the feed but not the Potassium Carbonate. Because we will add up the Potassium from all the used ingredients and the remaining will be supplemented from Potassium Carbonate.
Ibrahim El Idrissi Ibrahim El Idrissi
Animal Nutritionist
April 25, 2017
Dear Professor
I find your topic on which you have been working very exciting; indeed, now, with the genetic progress we have to deal with acid based balance which we take into consideration in chicken formulation. That’s why I am interested in knowing your nutrients recommendation for broilers regarding Ca, AvP, Na, Cl, K and Na+k – Cl. For starter, growing and finish formulas.
Thank you for answering my questions.
DVM nutritionnist.
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