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Dr. Rose Whelan, Senior Manager Animal Physiology Research at Evonik Animal Nutrition. sums up the main points of her presentation titled `Effects of dietary sulfur amino acid levels on growth performance and intestinal antibody production in broilers challenged with Eimeria spp´., during ESPN 2019 in Poland.
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I have a good experience of using Bacillus Subtillis to control Necrotic Enteritis, especially in Broiler Breeders. It works satisfactorily.
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Can I have the details about the speakers and their subjects?
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Natural Remedies introduces Stodi- the definitive Diarrhoea Domination. Watch to know more…
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Dear Professor Youssef Attia, May I add that you please ask for the level of Potassium in the feed but not the Potassium Carbonate. Because we will add up the Potassium from all the used ingredients and the remaining will be supplemented from Potassium Carbonate.
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Dear John, What should be the level of Potassium in Broilers and layer hens? Can we use Potassium Sulfate (which is easily available)?
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