How Much Do Evaporative Cooling Pads Reduce Air Speed?

Published on: 10/17/2013
Author/s : Dr. Mike Czarick and Dr. Brian D. Fairchild (University of Georgia)

Figure 1. Study house with evaporative cooling pads removed. Though evaporative cooling pads can do a great job of keeping our birds cool during hot weather by reducing the temperature of the incoming air 20o F or more, it is important to keep in mind that this cooling comes at a price, namely increased humidity and reduced air speed. Though there is no practical way of reducing the humidity pr...

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Muhammad Asif Raza Muhammad Asif Raza
Veterinary Doctor
October 17, 2013

Dr. Brian, very imformative topic regarding cooling pads to reduce air speed. In our area, we have great variation in temp throughout the year. Temperature range goes from 10c to 45c and humidity from 35 to 90. Humidity period is from July to October. Could you please suggest me a pad area for each 48"cone fan? In our area the size of the house is 50 by 500.


Dr M. Asif Raza

Dr. Mike Czarick Dr. Mike Czarick
Agricultural Engineer
October 17, 2013

Generally speaking, you should have approximately one square foot of evaporative cooling pad (6" 45 X 15 flute angle) for every 350 cfm of exhaust fan capacity.

20,000 / 350 = 57 square feet of pad (5.3 m2)

Mike Czarick

Dr Kamran Dr Kamran
Agricultural Engineer
October 18, 2013

Dr. Mike Czarick ,

This is a very good study. Could you please tell me the pad area required when we are using 4 inch thick pads? And also what´s your experience in air velocity, temperature, humidity and pad running time difference when we are using 4 inch and 6 inch thick pads?


Dr. Mohammad Akram Dr. Mohammad Akram
Consultant Microbiologist
October 23, 2013
Dr. Mike Czarick,
Thanks for your knowledgeable information. No doubt air speed is depending on quality of cooling pads and most of the farms are only doing the washing of pads with water, which is not enough to maintain its quality.
Bleeding of high TDS water of cooling pad's water tank and controlling the Sunlight directly facing on pads through fixing of metal sheet at 45 degree angle are important points to improve the pad quality. Because light in the presence of water and spores of Algae can help them to grow on pads and reduce the entrance of air from pads to poultry house. These important factors not only improve the quality of pads but also increase the air speed.
From: Dr. M.Akram, Consultant Microbiologist, Micro Laboratories Karachi, Pakistan.
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