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Dr. Brian, very imformative topic regarding cooling pads to reduce air speed. In our area, we have great variation in temp throughout the year. Temperature range goes from 10c to 45c and humidity from 35 to 90. Humidity period is from July to October. Could you please suggest me a pad area for each 48"cone fan? In our area the size of the house is 50 by 500. Thanks! Dr M. Asif Raza
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cage layer fatigue is comman in layers specially which are rear on floor and than shifted in cages.THESE type of birds are more effected with cage layer fatigue.Best solution is to increase levels of calcium upto3.7%and phosphorus 0.5% in feed.
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sucsesfull vaccination is the only practice to give protection against diseases.Proper time and technique should be apply for vaccines to get a good results.
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