Artificial Insemination Process in Ducks

Hatchability Problems in Muscovy Duck Eggs and Artificial Insemination Process

Published on: 03/23/2011
Author/s : Ibrahim Ahmed
When a problem occurs in hatchability, usually it can be categorized as a hatchery, egg handling, or breeder flock problem. If the problem has originated within the breeder flock, it is probable that it happened at least 6 weeks earlier, assuming 5 weeks of incubation and 1 week of egg storage. This delay in identifying a problem is costly and may even make it impossible to determine the cause i...
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March 23, 2011
Where can I buy the necessary equipment to do artificial insemination?
Cesar Lopez Cesar Lopez
August 4, 2011

Thank you for your valuable information. I wonder if it's possible you provide information about the protocol of incubation of Muscovy duck eggs (temperature, humidity, turning, cooling, etc.).

gerardo Rosales gerardo Rosales
Veterinary Doctor
October 16, 2012

Thank you for this interesting article. Do you have information about level of contamination in the incubation process in ducks? I have a friend that washes the eggs for hatching and we are having high level of contamination. How do you handle the dirt on the eggs coming from the floor and nest?

April 8, 2018

Gerardo Rosales
Please never do wash eggs for any reason whatsoever. Even if its to be eaten, it gets contaminated easily.
The best to be done is careful scraping either with a razor or soft Sam paper to get rid of that dirt.

Nezar Alfaqeeh Nezar Alfaqeeh
March 25, 2013

Thank you for this information but I want to know the duck eggs specific pathogen free (SPF eggs) or not? using for production of vaccine or For hatching ??. Anyway need fumigation for eggs before incubation process. Avoid placing eggs contaminated with the outer shell a lot and broken and candling for eggs daily after 6 to 7 days from incubation discard the infertile and contamination this procedure low level of contamination.

Maheswar Rath Maheswar Rath
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
March 25, 2013

I have gone through the articles and photos provided. Habitability and gestation period of hatching eggs is mostly related to god given chromosome numbers and mostly body wt of the species. Artificial insemination in poultry is very successful in chicken and mostly in commercial AI system in layers and broiler there is no need for dilution of semen as sufficient males are preserved for the purpose. In poultry the proper diluent for expanding the volume is getting in to complicate situations. Again the AI methods ie collection of semen and insemination are also needed good handling practices.

In this article the author has deliberately not mentioned what is their hatch ability results in details. The results would suggest what to do next? For any efficient hatching performance number of factors are involved including breeder management to handling of incubators. Even hatching egg handling also impact results.

When we know the Muscovy ducks are heavier ducks it takes around 35 days for completing hatching unlike lighter ducks. There is good scope for the author to spell out the detail results of hatching per batch then only some debate can be made. thank you sir. dr m rath

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