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Forum: A natural alternative to poultry growth promoters

Published on: 12/25/2008
Author/s : Virginie NOIROT - Courtesy of Phodé SA (Albi, France)
Following the ban on antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in Europe, various solutions have come on to the market, with more or less documentation. The objective of such solutions must be to ensure a level of efficacy at least equivalent to that obtained with the products they are designed to replace, while preserving the animals physiology in an environmentally-friendly manner. One of these solutio...
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December 25, 2008

Thanks for your article about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters.
This is a start for all researchers.

Marketing Manager
December 27, 2008

This article about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters is fantastic. The best option for farmers which is really keen in self-upgrading that could translate into cool revenue and very positive effects on his business. A big thanks to the author.

fathy Mohamed fathy Mohamed
December 29, 2008

Good article about poultry growth promotersI think this concept of the use of spices extracts and essential oils will continue for some time and I think this will be the concept of tomorrow. We were reviewing many scientific papers specially from collegues from India, China and Egypt in the past 15 years and I think this is the time to harvest the outcome of these papers and apply it in the industry. Good Luck. 

Dr. Fathy F. Mohamed.
Professor of Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition
Cairo University, Giza, Egypt.

December 29, 2008

Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for your article about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters, it is a good effort from you.
I would like to inform you that herein Egypt, various studies were conducted on the effect of using the different materials (oregano, thyme, cinnamon) and spices (ginger, turmeric, pepper...) in the compound you mentioned to, and the researchers obtained a good results in this topic.
Thank you again.

Oyedele Oyewumi Oyedele Oyewumi
Technical Marketing Manager
December 30, 2008

Honestly this is wonderful this research about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters, and I wish to congratulate you for the job well-done. However kindly ensure the availability of this product to farmers. We are using this media to tell you of our readiness to market this product in Nigeria.

ibrahim ahmed ibrahim ahmed
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
January 27, 2009
Dear sir,

Using of spices extracts and essential oils will be the concept of tomorrow.
We allready apply it in different fields (ducks- turkey- broilers), it gives more profit.

Thanks & best regards.
February 2, 2009

Dear sir, 

Good article about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters. Please, I would like to hear about the availability of the product in India, and what are the natural sources of these essential oils which could have significant effect on the performance of broilers.

Muzzamal ijaz Muzzamal ijaz
Msc.(Hons.) Animal Nutrition
April 1, 2009

Scientific data based papers are always appreciated about poultry growth promoters, therefore work done with future planning will be highly admirable.

June 4, 2009

Interesting article about poultry growth promoters. Do essential oils really have an effect on optimising feed intake, especially at the level of the taste buds, since we know that chickens have very few taste buds?

Is there a significant increase in feed intake compared to a control group?

July 29, 2009

Thanks for your comments about poultry growth promoters.
To answer some question : yes we have results and stimaulation of feed intake in broilers and other species.

In India and in Nigeria, we have not actually Distributors !

Amir Attar Amir Attar
Animal Nutritionist
August 20, 2009
i think we wood better to use spices extracts and essential oils more. because thats better for people health.
Dr Zahid Nasir Dr Zahid Nasir
Animal Nutritionist
January 19, 2010

Thanks for this informative article about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters. Recently, in USA and other countries pressure on animal producers is increasing to reduce or even ban use of AGP in animal feeds. There are a number of alternative candidates in the market, and phytogenic products one of them.

We carried out a number of experiments in previous years using different phytogenic feed additives and also found some interesting results.

Present article is informative, however there is need to investigate the effects of phytogenic feed additives in more details, for examples their effects on digestibility of different nutrients, their synergistic as well as antagonistic effects on animal performance and their residual level in products should also be investigated.

we are looking forward for more research in this area.

Rachid  Mohra Rachid Mohra
April 21, 2010
Bonjour, je souhaiterai connaitre sil ya une etude comparative avec les ATBiotic sur le prix.
Et quelles sont les performances Zootechniques par rapport aux probiotiques
Merci par avance
Mohammad Badrbeigi Mohammad Badrbeigi
Veterinary Doctor
November 20, 2010

thanks for your good & usefull informations about a natural alternative to poultry growth promoters. i have a question and i want to know if there is some bad & inhibitory effects of OLEOBIOTEC on PROBIOTICS.

July 8, 2014
One of the barriers to using more essential oils has been cost. Carvacrol from Oregano Oil is seen to be effective but the cost can be high. Paramount Aromachem India now have a 2000 tonne facility for the production of Carvacrol and L- carvone dervied for Orange Oil Terpene D- Limonene.
The purity is 99.6^ and costs about 1/3 that of Oregano oils
July 3, 2018
Are there studies on the use of an optifeed product in poultry if there is a wish I can provide with the most thanks
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