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1. IntroductionThe use of insects in animal nutrition is a promising alternative in order to obtain a sustainable protein source to feed the world. Considering the current challenges of overpopulation and feed supply for animals and humans, new feed ingredients are needed to provide a secure food production chain in the future [1].Edible insects have been shown to be highly nutritious and healthy ...
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For those interested in the tables try this link:
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This is an excellent presentation on the use of enzymes in monogastric animal. Use of enzymes to obtain optimum performance of monogastric through maximum utilization of available nutrients in feedstuffs cannot be overemphasized. With the present situation of continuous increase in the price of feed, use of alternative feed ingredients hitherto not utilize as feedstuffs must be considered. Use of ...
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I. INTRODUCTIONFood waste refers to “the discarding or alternative (non-food) use of food that was fit for human consumption - by choice or after the food has been left to spoil or expire as a result of negligence” (FAO, 2015). It is estimated that the global economic loss caused by food waste is US$ 1 trillion annually. The wasted amount of cereals, root crops, fruits and vegetables, ...
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Thermal stress happens when the animal leaves its thermal comfort zone, it means neither too cold nor too hot, let's say it feels good. In both of the cases, the stress due to heat and cold, the problem itself is not the temperature alone, but its relation to relative humidity level.The differences in sensitivity for each species must be taken into account. Cows cope better with high temperatu ...
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I. INTRODUCTIONForecasting is fraught with difficulties associated with poor data and unknown unknowns. Fortunately, in the case of laying hens, this is not true. We have an excellent history of how our birds have improved over the past decade (Table 1), and a fair idea of what can be expected in future breeding programmes used by the primary breeding companies. Our understanding is that the requi ...
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The feeding program for poultry has a major influence on profitability as feed cost accounts for up to 75% of production cost. Conventionally, it is assumed that requirements are either listed in tables or breeder nutrition guides. The Requirement Approach stems from the broken line, which is a simplification of bird response and implies that at different levels of energy or nutrients, efficiency ...
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Phileo is constantly working to improve its range of yeast probiotics, giving farmers and companion animal keepers effective and consistent products, backed by extensive trials evidence and practical user experience. The company is also committed to making sure all its probiotics are handled properly during the feed production process, maintaining their power and effectiveness through to their eve ...
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sero-monitoring and biosecurity are two ket factors to consider in immunising birds against gumboro
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this information is interesting and educative. however in other to reduce cost and increase profit, lets look inward towards the use of unconventional feedstuffs to ensure sustainability of broiler business
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