Red Mite Infestation in Layer Farms

Forum: Innovative Approach to Tackle Red Mite Infestation in Layer Farms

Published on: 08/31/2010
Author/s : Daniele Marzin (NEOVIA), Gaelle Benzoni, Alain Guyonvarch (IN VIVO NSA Research Dpt) FRANCE
Red mites are one of the most important pests of laying hen farms worldwide. More than 50% of layer batches encounter difficulties in managing red mite problems. Poultry red mite (PRM), scientific name Dermanyssus gallinae, is a nocturnal blood feeding ectoparasite of birds. PRM is an acarus that requires blood of its host for development and reproduction.It particularly infests laying farms due t...
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August 31, 2010

A good article on Red Mite Infestation in Layer Farms.

Dr Jaydip Mulik Dr Jaydip Mulik
Master Of Veterinary Science & Master of Business Administration
September 1, 2010

Dear Sir,

Its a nice innovation but i want further information that can Red mites develop the resistance against this like for Organochlorines & Organophosphorus insecticides?

Please let us know more details on withdrawl period for the same too.

Thanks & regards,

Dr Jaydip Mulik

September 2, 2010

Dear Sir,
Your article is very informative.I wish to know is this product effective against other poultry ecto parasites too?

September 6, 2010
Its good to see this article that is a silent production ping problem! its good n informative
Nadir Alloui Nadir Alloui
Veterinary Doctor
September 6, 2010
Merci beaucoup pour cette article, les ectoparasites sont de véritables fléaux quand ils envahissent les poulaillers.Ils provoquent beaucoup de pertes économiques (réforme des bandes et vide sanitaire tres long). Les produits mis sur notre marché sont inneficaces. Est ce que votre produit est commercialisé au Maghreb
Dr.sohail Ahmad Dr.sohail Ahmad
Animal Nutritionist
September 18, 2010

It is a good effort of D.Marzin to provide information of the silent enemy in laying

hens.AS she mention in their article parasites consume 0.2 ul of biood in each bite,

Due to this anaemia condition produced and reduced laying rate up to 25 [percent] which

is a big loss for laying farmers.PRM also reduced immune system, favouring e. coli,

canabolisman and also transfer pathogen such as Marek, Newcastle and salmonella.

In human effects skin irritation,itching and allergies etc.

Now the question is that all other ectoparasites, PRM also have a same mode of

action ? If we used product paralice in feed, How it act inside the intestine of

laying hens ?. If infestation of parasites in hens are more, than the dose of paralice

4kg / ton is enough or we incresed the dose.How it is possible that we depend only

inside therapy of the bird and forget outside therapy against this silent enemies?.

As a whole this article is good.

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