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Such training programs are need of time. I highly appreciate the effort.
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This condition is attributed to poor conditions in the setter or hatchery. When humidity is set too high, many chicks hatch with an overly large belly, causing them to struggle to leave the shell. As the overheated chick thrusts with its folded legs against the shell, it will - in its bid to be free of its shell as quickly as possible - often thrust too violently, causing damage to its hocks ...
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Worldover, use of raw (pure acids) is not considered good for feed plants and workers' health. Why companies dealing in organic acids as acidifiers for animal feed/animal gut recommend more use of buffered acids which is far effective than acid salts alone. Dr. RAHUL CHANDRAVANSHI
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Dear Mr. Sajid: Are you a farmer or a technical person?
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We tried using Alfalfa pellets in Middle East but the project was not successful as hay pellets or full feed pellets (combined concentrate and hay pellets) were. Also considerable manufacturing problems were faced in Alfalfa pelleting procedure. therefore we considered offering alfalfa and Rhodes grass in the natural form. Dr. R.R.S.CHANDRAVSNHI
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A good article on Red Mite Infestation in Layer Farms.
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Annellie Diericx In you introduction you mention ION OF BOTANICAL EXTRACTS. Can you expand on Botanical Extracts? It is a very vast subject and needs your proper introductin. Regards, Dr. RAHUL CHANDRAVANSHI Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Director-Animal Health & Nutrition HLPL-INDIA
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Not all clay based toxin binders conatin dioxin. If the mines are supervised properly, one can get superior clay based toxin binder at a very reasonable and affordable price as we manufacture at our facility. Greetings. Dr. RAHUL CHANDRAVANSHI ON FARM/ CONSULTANT VETERINARIAN
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But what the product orego-stim is !!!  There is no details of product like composition etc. Dr. Ripunjay
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