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Bibek Bandhu Regmi
BVSc & AH, Production Manager at Cobb Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Production Manager at Cobb Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
BVSc & AH, Production Manager at Cobb Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Discussion created on September 6, 2021
Avian Leukosis Complex (ALC) Avian leucosis viruses are grouped together because they share important characteristics. They produce variety of transmissible benign and malignant neoplasm. The most common is lymphoid leucosis. Etiology ALC is caused by RNA oncogenic virus type C. Ten years ago, researchers at the institute for animal health at Compton in UK isolated a new type of ALV from meat ty ...
Discussion created on November 12, 2019
Dear experts! It has really been very upsetting layer rearing for us for this season due to vent picking. The deaths due to vent picking is higher than deaths due to any other problems or diseases. The birds started picking vent from around 5 weeks of age and has not stopped till now (73 weeks at present). We are well aware that vent picking has multifactorial causes and after seeking different ad ...
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2014
I will appreciate if you could send me a copy as well. Here is my email address:
Participation in Forum on February 19, 2014
Also it is important to consider the daily feed consumption.
Participation in Forum on January 26, 2014
Thank you for such a beautiful article. Sir! I would like to know how is the required air speed calculated for any broiler house or breeder house or layer house. Best regards Dr. Bibek Bandhu Regmi Nobel Livestock Production and Research center
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2013
Which one is the better option sir ! Acidification of water or acidification of feed? How often is it good to do acidification? Please suggest me a schedule.
Participation in Forum on June 18, 2013
We have been using Alusil MOS Plus of Stallen @1.75Kg/ton feed with satisfactory results. Please let us know if you find 100% HSCAS in the market.
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2013
Dear Dahal Sir ! What would be your recommendation regarding the time interval for regular use of acidifier as suggested by you?
Participation in Forum on June 16, 2013
Dear Ganesh Sir ! Thank you very much for the wonderful piece of information. I am rearing layer birds in dip litter system in Nawalparasi district and really annoyed by the problem of moist litter despite adequate ventilation. On this regard, I sincerely you request to give me suggestions on following queries. 1) I am now thinking of regularly replacing the old litter with new one. When would it ...
Discussion created on August 20, 2012
Dear Poultry Professionals and Nutritionists, I´m a student B.V.Sc.&A.H. (9th sem.) at IAAS, Nepal. My family is running a small scale layers farm (Flock Size: 1500+1500+1500=4500) in Nawalparasi District, Nepal where we are manufacturing feed by ourselves. It has really been a challenging task for us to sustain us in this business due to huge production drop during summer months and e ...
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