Dr Mahendra Chaudhari
M.V.Sc. Animal Nutrition Masters Degree Veterinary
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M.V.Sc. Animal Nutrition Masters Degree Veterinary
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Heat stress continues to be a challenge, and any contribution to knowledge is welcomed. However, I would correct some of the points raised recently. Use of methionine sources will inevitably reduce heat stress, as correct formulation to SID amino acids will reduce crude protein content and thus energy expended in excreting excess nitrogen.The choice of methionine source needs to account for this. ...
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Dear Dr,Being lameness noted in both broiler and layer chicks, the following factors may be causing it:1 Disease AE breeder vaccination ,Chicken anemia, Reo 2 Nutritional Calcium Phos source like DCP or MCP or feed contamination bacterial, Mycotoxin etc. Thirum pioson level in Maize etc3 Hatchery incubation like humidity and Temperature variations , hatchery contamination Stap etc.4.Hot and humid ...
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Nice information and thanks for sharing that too simple way understand. Dr Mahendra Chaudhari Poultry Tech Solutions INDIA
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Dear Mr Leo, Congratulations.Thanks for sharing information. Most basic if the farmers read and understand , will help them to grow better broiler. Dr Mahendra Chaudhari
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Dear Dr Donna Hill, Thanks for sharing practical ideas. It is true that along with quantity , quality play vital role and important role.Only having good hatch % is not important but quality is equally important role in growth and profitability of broiler farming. One can do little in hatcher by opting dry down for few hours to improve hatch window. One can optimise better first week weight by ha ...
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Prof. (Dr.) Tufail Banday; Dr. Madeha Untoo and Dr. Henna Hamadani Thanks for information on the subject, very practical. Is common problem and explained nicely in simple way. Thanks for sharing . Kind Regards Dr Mahendra Chaudhari India
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Dear G. Wozniakowski, Thanks for forum on Marek's disease. I have seen many cases of Marek’s in broiler breeders. I feel the first vaccination at hatchery is very important. Proper vaccination at hatchery before chicks goes in to other environment is important. The vaccination method is equally important specially vaccinator needle guaze ,mixing, keeping vaccine cool. I had seen l ...
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WHAT IS GOUT? Gout is a metabolic disorder associated with kidney. Visceral form of gout is commonly noticed in broilers resulting economic losses due to mortality and morbidity.In gout, the kidney function is slowed down to a point where uric acid accumulates in blood and body-fluids. Further, it leads accumulation of white uric acid or urate -crystals occurs in soft tissues of various organs in ...
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