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Natural Remedies, a leading herbal animal health care company in India, is honored with “Best Healthcare Brands 2019” at the felicitation held in Delhi in June 2019, for excellence in animal health care category. The recognition was conferred upon Natural Remedies based on the results of an independent survey, conducted by Economic Times along with their research team. The survey wa ...
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Guilherme Bromfman, NCA Mycotoxin Management Category Manager at Adisseo, underscores the effects of some mycotoxins in the poultry and pig industry and explains how Adisseo can help customers to face mycotoxins challenges, during IPPE 2019
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Since October 2018, a new form of LPAI is present in Karnataka/Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Clinical signs of comb/wattles/shank are absent/congestion and bleaching of breast muscle is also not seen. But cloacal lesion typical of AI are present. On pm streaks of haemorrhages typical of AI are seen. Pancreas of such cases are positive for AI as per ha hi test. Weekly mortality is >0.2%. Screening of k ...
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Francisco Piraces (DSM) talked about the industry perspective in the development of products for poultry, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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What about ND VH strain of ABIC (Phibro).
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Kausar Shaikh: Ideally, the higher concentration means better efficacy for all products (including Sodium Butyrate), however, there are various factors that may have a say in the performance. Few of the important parameters are below: 1) Coating system - This is important because with pKa value of 4.82, Sodium Butyrate will get converted into Butyric acid in the Foregut (if coating material or qua ...
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Amit Goswami Thanks Mr.Amit
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Different combinations of Butyric acid are available in market: 30%, 60%, 90%, etc. Though claims to be coated does 60 & 90% are coated. Efficacy wise what concentration is better.
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Good information , the reference to low pathogenic avian influenza present may be due to availability of vaccines from some Indian vaccine manufacturer under the head VVND with different cap colors to identify.This is inspire of govt ban on such vaccines.
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenko Betaine quality matters in Asian Markets as most of the farmers are not educated and prefers cost comparing as cheap China products are on shelves . Difference between Betaine if any should be highlighted
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