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Ascites, also known as"'water belly," is a disease in which fluid accumulates in a bird's abdominal cavity. The fluid may contain yellow protein clots, giving it a yellowish tinge. Ascites arise mainly in broiler and layer chicks due to following reasons: 1. Poor Ventilation : In winter, farms has to be closed to prevent birds from cold air. Due to which huge amount of ammonia gets collected insid ...
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Use of thibendazole in feed can be used to prevent Aspergillosis infection, however it's quiet rare to be happen. It also effect human.
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FLY PRISON AN ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY WAY TO CATCH ADULT FLIES IN POULTRY HOUSES - Vishisht Kumar Dwivedi (Director, VALOUR CHEM) Musca domestica is a well known housefly of both farm and home. Houseflies go through four stage of development (i.e. egg, larvae, pupa, adult fly). Now a days farmer are using huge amount of different larvicides in poultry houses, which only increases their expenses o ...
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