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Dear Bibek,Vent pecking or cloacae cannibalism is most often found in layers birds and also seen in broilers flocks. There are many causes for this behavioral problem. As we all are aware that it may be caused by dietary insufficiency such as salt, vitamins, or amino acids (protein components). Other factors include stresses such as feed deprivation, over-crowding, over-heating, inadequate ventila ...
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Bibek: There is some information that is missing in your commentaries which is important to attempt to diagnose your situation: 1. What genetics are your layers? 2. When (age) does the vent picking problema begins? What is the mortality rate you are experiencing in the flock? 3. How are you distributing the daily feed in time ? What is the physical form of feed and daily intake (gr/b/day) 4. Wh ...
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