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Participation in Forum on March 29, 2018
.It is a good article for current market trend which provide omega three fatty acids quality eggs.
Participation in Forum on July 19, 2017
Good and comprehensive presentation on Newcastle disease.
Participation in Forum on December 28, 2011
It is a comprehensive article about alternatives to Broiler Chickens Breeding in Peasant Households. Ii provides good information for Nutritionist as well as breeder manager that how to control and manage their flocks and gain maximum benefits.
Participation in Forum on June 10, 2011
The authors discuss basic things of genes (genomics), quantitative traits and DNA techniques. If the marek,s disease virus out breaks than cumulative mortality will be high in broiler chickens. Basically it is a simple article which shows that marek, s disease virus have significant losses in broiler chickens. The comprehensive study will be required the roles of genes, QLC, and DNA in marek, s vi ...
Participation in Forum on May 20, 2011
Dear Dr. Raghu, It is a good article on anthelmintics (for internal and external parasites) which will be provided a lot of information of backyard poultry, as well as we used in control houses to protect birds from parasitic infestation which will cause an anemic condition and lose profitability. We already used in our farms levamisole and peprazine for better productivity.
Participation in Forum on May 16, 2011
Dear Anjum and all, Please first you check that it is coccidiosis or enteritis. If coccidiosis then diagnose that it is caecal cocci or Intestinal cocci. If the above things are diagnosed then start a treatment according to the disease. The factors included are, Oocyst is always present in litter Use same coccidiotate for a long time. Use material which have high viscosity. In different broiler f ...
Participation in Forum on April 28, 2011
It is a very informative article which covers almost all aspects of hatchery management especially on ventilation. This article will be provided all answers of the questions which are in our minds. I really thanks to the author and engormix team for providing such facilities which is otherwise impossible to share each other .
Participation in Forum on April 25, 2011
It is a good and informative article of Mr. Ken. As in your article the basic information about shell is that; There are also as many as 8,000 microscopic pores in the shell itself. The outer coating of the shell itself consists of a mucous coating called the cuticle or bloom which is deposited on the shell just prior to lay. This protein like covering helps protect the interior cont ...
Participation in Forum on April 8, 2011
It is a good effort to replace antibiotics because antibiotics are banned in some countries due to their side effects in humans (residue of antibiotics in eggs and meat). I will not agree with the comments of Mr. Nitin about the article. I reviewed some parts of the article to under stand their theme. Probiotics, prebiotics and organic acids have all shown promising results in controlling a w ...
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