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Asad Ur Rehman
M.Sc. Hons. Animal Nutrition
Poultry Feed Formulation and Feed Mill management.
M.Sc. Hons. Animal Nutrition
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Dr Pooja Bhardwaj Thank you for the detailed response.
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What should be the energy:Lysine ratio for all the feeding stages of broiler?
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We have extensively researched the relationship between betaine methionine and choline and at normal usage levels cannot recommended any sparing effect of betaine. However, it does aid in maintaining intestinal integrity and some studies have shown increased breast meat yield.
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Park W. Waldroup, Dear Dr. Waldroup, great to read your comments, totally agree with you!!, specially under stress conditions, whenever cysteine requirements could increase, either to form glutation or any need for other protein or enzyme where cysteine is important, I will not play with Met + Cys requirements giving values to betain or even, be cautious with enzyme matrices!!, have a great day
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Mike Stahl The acidifying effect of betaine HCl has not been thoroughly studied and it likely would be materially affected by what's in the formulation. However, a solution of betaine HCl will have a pH of about 1 so once dissolved, it would provide some protons to the stomach. In fact, in human nutrition, betaine HCl is sold as a dietary supplement to provide "acid" to "weak" stomachs to suppose ...
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100% replacement if choline without any adverse effect??
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You are right but in some areas of Pakistan, we can only reduce the temperature to 29-30 C with maximum possible ventilation. In this situation, we have to look for the alternatives to combat heat stress.
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