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I completely agree with Dr. Bhardwaj. Being a resident of north India I can say that he has very nicely elaborated the real conditions in a very informative manner. Ascites is mainly a problem during winter months and as temperature sinks upto 2-3 degrees celcius during night, farmers airtight the sheds in order to maintain brooding temperature. Most of them burn coal , wood or saw dust inside she ...
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Considering the fact that your farmers are getting coccidiosis even in dry weather and repeatedly , there are chances of immunosuppression which could be attributed to the presence of mycotoxins, sub clinical I.B.D or CAV.Regular use of chemicals like clopidol can result in development of drug resistant Eimeria.Reducing the stocking density, changing/rotating the feed anticoccidials caan help in t ...
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Doctor, this article is really a good work to help feed industry find the economic alternate of feed grains.I wish to know how economic is this sugar syrup as compared to corn?
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Dear All, A lot has been expressed by competent people on the subject. I would like to explain that as above said by many fellows the ascites is an outcome of genetics, environment, management and nutritional correlations. Fast growing modern day broilers dont have heart and lungs sufficient enough to sustain the increased oxygen needs. Environmental factors like high altitude, col ...
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Dear Sir, Your article is very informative.I wish to know is this product effective against other poultry ecto parasites too?
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