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Dr P Bhardwaj
Participation in Forum on September 10, 2018
Herbal methionine is very effective when we replace it at level of 50 percent. For example if you are using 2 kg of synthetic methionine than you can replace 1 kg of that with herbal methionine and can keep 1 kg as synthetic. There are many trials done with this level and the performance observed was higher than even when compare to 100 % DLM in formulation of poultry.
Participation in Forum on November 26, 2016
If we want optimum performance pellets will always outperform mash feed. Pelleting process involves process like conditioning where the heat results in destroying anti nutritional factors. Secondly as many authors have mentioned that Pellet is a complete diet means it constitute all the nutrients and birds cant able to do selective feeding. As birds firstly eat to satisfy their energy need and aft ...
Discussion created on November 13, 2016
During the visit open for small meetings with industry people interested to work in Herbal products, also I am interested to explore different product opportunities for Indian market. Please mail me on to have alignment of timing. Thanks.
Participation in Forum on August 2, 2016
Go through the link below for more details on ascitis
Participation in Forum on July 31, 2016
What i have observed in India that generally its winter where ascites flare up especially in northern part. Generally the farmer during brooding to maintain temperature which hover from maximum of 15 to minimum of 0 degree use source such as coal or even electric heater as well. The Brooding is done in such a way that whole farm is made air tight and this continues for at least first 10 days. wi ...
Discussion created on July 27, 2016
Alphafacts Health Solutions invite you to visit us at our Booth AE05, Hall A, at Jakarta Convention Center.
Photo posted on July 27, 2016
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Participation in Forum on July 13, 2016
Hi Dragon, Herbal Methionine is natural & organic replacement of Synthetic methionine like DLM or MHA. Herbal Methionine have same mechanism as of DLM in protein synthesis hence a suitable replacement for synthetic methionine. It is very safe for the birds while Synthetic methionine having chemical aspect exert some negative effects on Liver and kidney of the bird. you can go through the link ...
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2016
Hi would Like to add few things about this unique product.Methiomax or Herbal Methionine is natural or can say organic replacement of Synthetic methionine like DLM or MHA available commonly in the market.As we know Methionine is crucial Limiting amino acid of poultry diet which can not be synthesized by the body and required supplementation through diet. This herbal Methionine follow the same mech ...
Participation in Forum on July 11, 2016
Few Interesting and good questions being raised and i have few things to add like 1. I have seen farmers applying acidifier or sanitizers 24 X 7 in drinking water of bird which i think is wrong practice as by this the intake of water get affected and especially organs like kidney and liver get affected. So my practical suggestion will be that farmer should give at least one time fresh water to bi ...
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