Dietary electrolyte balance in broiler chickens

Forum: Dietary electrolyte balance in heat stressed broiler chickens

Published on: 05/31/2012
Author/s : Melody Lalhriatpuii and Sudipto Haldar (University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, India)
High ambient temperatures coupled with high humidity can be devastating to commercial broilers. Heat stress interferes with the broiler´s comfort and suppresses productive efficiency. Although increased heat is seen as a major problem in poultry production, studies show that it is not only the excessively high temperatures, but also the fluctuation of the temperature which is more detrimenta...
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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
April 15, 2013

Dear friends
I want to know the amount of vitamin C by kgms that I can add to one ton of feed and what is the temperature that I need to start adding vitamins.

Kamal Kamal
April 16, 2013

Chromium tripicolinate -yield good benefits in stress related conditions in broilers.

April 19, 2013

Sodium sulphate has a good scope in the near future. It is an adequate replacement for sodium chloride as synthetic betaine has negative effects of chloride (as mentioned by Dr. Haldar). Also, it replaces sodium bicarbonate adequately (sod sulphate is required almost 16% less than soda bicarb to balance the same sodium). Dietry bicarbonate binds to H+ ions released in the gut from the blood (besides bicarbonate released in the gut from the blood in lieu of chloride absorbed), thus forming water and CO2. No bicarbonate goes directly into the blood. In contrast, the Sulphate from sodium sulphate is non-absorbable and is excreted, thus does not causing any acidity. Thus, Sulphate quenches ammonia in the excreta and litter forming ammonium sulphate (an inert compound), thereby reducing litter ammonia drastically.

Dr Pooja Bhardwaj Dr Pooja Bhardwaj
M.V.Sc (Pharmacology & Toxicology)
May 13, 2020

Very nice article, sir. Please help me to understand what is chloride load in poultry and its ill effects?

Paschal Odinaka Paschal Odinaka
March 7, 2021
I need the full reference for this article, please.
March 20, 2021
I need full reference of this article.
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