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Effect of Gano-met® on egg performance in laying hens

Published: August 29, 2022
By: Life Rainbow Biotech
High stocking density and environmental factors such as acute heat stress, health challenges, bacterial or viral exposure, and mycotoxin-contaminated diets may cause serious stress of laying in modern intensive egg production systems. Laying hens under immunological stress are susceptible to pathogen infection due to an imbalance in immune response and cecal microbiota. Laying hens that are raised under the conditions of intensive farming and high stocking densities are exposed to immunological stress, leading to poorer egg performance.
It has been demonstrated that regulation of immune response through feed additives exerts beneficial effects on poultry health and growth. Ganoderma lucidum, a medicinal fungus, is a potent immune modulator and exhibits several pharmacological functions, including antiatherosclerotic, antioxidant, antiviral, and antitumor properties. The polysaccharides purified from G. lucidum are able to regulate immune cell proliferation and cytokine production. Dietary supplementation of G. lucidum extract in the diet or drinking water enhances the immunity of laying hens.
Life Rainbow Biotech has developed a liquid type nutrition supplement – Gano-met® for laying hens to exceed the unwell state and provide essential nutrition instantly. Gano-met® is a liquid supplement containing Ganoderma lucidum extract that can be applied to drinking water for poultry. Rich in active compounds such as required amino acids, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids, which own health-promoting effects. The objectives of this trials are to evaluate the egg performance before and after administering with Gano-met® in laying hens.
Materials and Method
1. Layer farm: Central Taiwan
2. Trial period: 2022.April~May
3. Week of laying hens: 4,000 laying hens at 70 weeks
4. Egg production rate: about 70%
5. Dosage: 1000 times dilution of Gano-met® each time, trial for six weeks
The days of use are shown in the table below (orange color).
Effect of Gano-met® on egg performance in laying hens - Image 1
Effect of Gano-met® on egg performance in laying hens - Image 2
Compared with before the trail, Gano-met® increases egg performance, like eggshell strength, haugh unit, albumen height, yolk color and eggshell thickness. Although the environmental variations are unable to control, we still can provide suitable precautions to protect the animals, such as providing nutrition aspects, including Gano-met®. The stressful source in poultry may be caused by temperature differences and high stocking density, which lead to deleterious consequences such as worse growth performance and productivity, more susceptibility to pathogens, and finally make an economic loss for producers coming after disease. Therefore, maintaining animal health during the period of laying is important. The trials exhibited that egg performance were improved by administrating Gano-met®, showed higher efficiency on egg quality.
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Adolfo Agamez Vanegas
19 de abril de 2024

Where can I buy Gano-met? I live in Colombia.

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