Cage Layer Fatigue in Poultry

Published on: 08/14/2013
Author/s : Dr. Henna Hamadani, Dr. Nida Handoo and Dr. Ifat Ashraf (Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Sher e Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology of Kashmir, Shuhama, Srinagar-190006)

The term cage layer fatigue was initially used in North America (Couch, 1955) to describe a leg weakness in high producing hens housed in cages. Caged layer fatigue (CLF) seems to be an extreme consequence of loss of structural bone in the vertebrae that leads to spinal bone collapse and paralysis (Urist and Deutsch, 1960 Bell and Siller, 1962) which is and characterized by an inability to st...

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Maheswar Rath Maheswar Rath
BVSc &AH,MVSc &AH,poultry science, Ph.D. Poultry science
August 14, 2013

thanks dr you have mentioned about cage layer bone problem which impact the layers.

Phosphorous available levels in feed specially in layers in cages would show such problem with out that the levels of ca:P would not be maintained and vitD3 is also always added as supplement premix. Available phosphorous can be worked out using DCP and MCP which solve your problem in commercial layers. thank you sir you have come out with important points.
dr m rath consultant
Muhammad Asif Raza Muhammad Asif Raza
Veterinary Doctor
October 5, 2013
cage layer fatigue is comman in layers specially which are rear on floor and than shifted in cages.THESE type of birds are more effected with cage layer fatigue.Best solution is to increase levels of calcium upto3.7%and phosphorus 0.5% in feed.
April 18, 2020

Thanks much for the information and actually this will help me because I have the same problem.

June 9, 2021
Dr I have around 59 egg layer chicken i start in small house . at that time i get 38-40 egg per day .but know i bought cage for 100 chicken after the hen shifted to cage they total stop laying egg .but before that they eat their then stop laying egg what is their problem
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