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Our focus is to help animals thrive. APC is the world´s largest producer of functional proteins. From high-quality ingredients for livestock producers, feed manufacturers and pet food companies to complete animal nutrition products for end users, we offer innovative solutions that help improve t...
Article published the December 1, 2020
It is well known that heat stress or disease stress during gestation and lactation reduces sow herd productivity and profitability. Lactating sows need a high feed intake to maintain their body condition and to support milk production.   When sows don’t eat enough feed, especially during stressful episodes can harm both sow and litter production.  One possible solution t ...
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Article published the November 24, 2020
  Plasma is comprised of a complex mixture of functional proteins that have a profound, positive impact on animals. Consumed orally, functional proteins help the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently. This helps animals to use their energy for productive functions instead of using it to fight the stressor. Plasma functional proteins help to minimize the effects of ...
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A newly published open access review article [1] discusses the epidemiological conclusions made about how porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) may have been introduced to the first confirmed PEDV case farm in Ontario, Canada on January 22, 2014. The authors noted that an epidemiological investigation [2] had concluded that “The weight of evidence gathered during an outbreak of porcine epid ...
News published on July 6, 2020
Why was a review of the 2014 Canadian PEDV outbreaks conducted? At the time of the 2014 Canadian PED outbreak, an extensive epidemiological investigation was initiated. The results of the investigation were published in a series of papers and are commonly cited when discussing the risk of spreading disease through feed and feed ingredients. However, considering everything that has been learned a ...
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Video published on February 12, 2020
Joe Crenshaw, Senior Director for Tech Services at APC, reveals the results of a test made in Europe using plasma to feed sows.
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Stimulation of feed intake is a key factor in managing the health of weaned piglets. More sophisticated animal protein products have become available, with a range of functionalities to support growth of healthy piglets. Protein is the most expensive nutrient in diets for weaned piglets. Type and quality of protein sources have shown to influence the performance and health status of weaned piglet ...
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Evonik has launched a new standardized ileal digestibility (SID) database for swine feeds which – for the first time – provides SID values of all amino acid for weaners, as well as for grower pigs. The new information means that feeds formulated specifically for weaners will no longer need to be based on digestibility data from growers – which should more closely meet requireme ...
Article published the September 1, 2017
  The gastrointestinal (GI) tract continues to undergo significant developmental changes in postnatal life. Environmental influences during this critical developmental period, including diet, stress and mucosal injury, have been shown to induce long-term changes in intestinal physiology and disease susceptibility in animal models(1 – 4). Similarly, in human subjects, increasing epidemi ...
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Article published the March 29, 2017
  Introduction Spray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is a dehydrated product obtained from blood of healthy pigs collected at slaughterhouses. Spray dried porcine plasma is a protein source used in pig feed that has many functional components that significantly improves pig performance [1,2]. At a manufacturing plant, plasma is separated from red blood cells by centrifugation, concentrated and ...
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