Video published on April 16, 2021
Dr. Thomas Crenshaw (University of Wisconsin) talked about adequate pig growth in a clip from this Swine It interview with host Márcio Gonçalves.
Article published the June 15, 2017
 IntroductionBackground to life stages and metabolism-mediated developmentThe pace and pattern of life stages is the subject of organismal life history, one of biology's most integrative disciplines. The life histories of mammals are described by a number of characteristics, some of which relate to the timing and duration of life stages (e.g., gestation length, age at sexual maturity, lifespa ...
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Article published the December 7, 2016
Introduction: The limited ability to induce classical vitamin D deficiencies, and challenges to identify traits which adequately assess vitamin D requirements, such as measurements of body tissue and serum concentrations, complicate recommendations for dietary fortification and lead to speculative hype (Crenshaw et al, 2014). These constraints and limited research efforts are especially noted for ...
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Video published on November 21, 2016
Dr. Thomas Crenshaw, from the University of Wisconsin, gave a lecture on the importance of vitamin D in the nutrition of the sow and the maternal carry-over effects, during CLANA 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.
Article published the July 29, 2014
IntroductionInsights into skeletal integrity gained from an accidental omission of vitamin D. A recent escalation in lameness and mortality issues in the U.S. swine industry (Madson et al., 2012) were attributed to hypovitaminosis D. An explanation for the abrupt increase in clinical cases of vitamin D deficiency in commercial swine is not apparent. The swine industry has alleviated some of these ...
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