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News published on October 14, 2020
 The study on maternal feeding is a collaboration with Novus and North Carolina State University SAINT CHARLES, MO (October 14, 2020) – A new study from Novus International, Inc. on how bis-chelated organic trace minerals impact piglet growth and development through changes in gene expression recently appeared in the Journal of Animal Science. The study titled “Effects of minera ...
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Article published the October 14, 2020
Introduction With intensive genetic selection for the prolificacy of sows, the swine industry is challenged with improving the piglet survival rate in connection with the increased litter size and decreased litter uniformity (Kim and Hansen, 2013). It is well known that maternal nutrition can have an influence on not only the development of fetal organ and tissue but also milk yield (Kim et al., ...
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Hello Professor Kim, it is a pleasure to participate in a debate forum that has your participation. Congratulations on your studies, which have contributed significantly to the development of pig nutrition. I want 2020 to be a year of personal and professional achievements. With my admiration, hugs
Participation in Forum on January 18, 2020
Hi Prof Jarez, I think the authors can try to refit the graph (equation) by changing the x-axis to "Intake of supplemented Met" (rather than "% of supplemented Met). RBV can be based on actual intake of testing nutrients. I wish you are well! -Best, Sung Woo
Article published the July 10, 2019
1. Introduction Efforts to improve nutrient digestibility by the pigs can have effects on profitability of the pork industry (National Pork Board, 2012). Studies indicate that non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in corn and soybean meal negatively affect nutrient digestibility (Moeser et al., 2002; van Kempen et al., 2006). Whole corn grain contains 27e32 g of xylose/kg (Knudsen, 1997) as arabinoxyl ...
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Article published the March 10, 2017
  Introduction Weaning removes young pigs from the passive immune protection they receive from the milk of the sow and increases their susceptibility to enterotoxigenic E. coli infection [1]. Earlyweaned pigs often exhibit an underdeveloped immune system, digestive disorders and post-weaning diarrhea [2]. Enterotoxigenic E. coli not only colonize the small intestine, but can also relé ...
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Article published the March 3, 2017
  Background Extremely high price of fish meal and whey protein concentrate increases overall cost of pork production. Because of advances in biotechnology, the use of supplemental amino acids in animal feeding are extended to Lys, Met, Thr, Trp, Val, Gln, and possibly Ile. Utilization of these essential amino acids as feed additives benefits swine industry by allowing nutritionists to use ...
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Article published the October 28, 2016
  Introduction The large and diverse microbial population contained in the mammalian gastrointestinal tract plays an important role in health and nutrient digestion1–3. The distal gut harbors the majority of human gut microorganisms, with approximately 1012 microbes per milliliter of luminal contents, and there are at least 500–1,000 species reside in the adult human intestine 4 ...
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