News published on January 9, 2020
This month, Engormix will attend IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA, the most important poultry event of the year. The commercial and technical content personnel of this specialized social network will hold meetings and talks with experts from the poultry and animal feed industry to produce interviews that will be shared with all its members. Engormix executives will hold meetings with the main ...
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Recently, many studies have been investigating the impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiota, and researchers have shown that, in addition to altering the composition of the microbiota, antibiotics also can affect the gene expression, protein activity and the overall metabolism of the intestinal microbiota. Microbial changes caused by antibiotics, increase the immediate risk of infection and can ...
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Tariq Mirza,Thank you for your question. The live yeast will, in general, remove oxygen from the rumen and improve the environment for the ruminal flora. The yeast that passes through autolysis will have the cell wall available plus the cytoplasm content. The cytoplasm content (metabolites) will support the rumen flora by controlling the rumen pH and reflecting in fiber digestion and VFA's product ...
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In the current context of the international dairy market, increasing milk production regarding quantity is no longer relevant due to low prices. Now more than ever, producing more milk fat and protein is a proven way to enhance herd profitability.  The best way to boost milk fat and protein is to promote rumen fermentation with a particular focus on fiber digestion.It is important to notice t ...
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