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In a report journal from Nature Sustainability, it was mentioned that soybean meal is the largest global source of protein in livestock feed and its global production has doubled since 2000. More than half of the world’s soybean production are coming from Brazil and Argentina alone. While livestock population continues to grow by 3-4%, the pressure to produce more protein and energy source i ...
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Dr. Kotaiah Talapaneni, Hi Dr., I could not agree more with you that maternal nutrition is very important not only to the breeders but to the chicks as well. It is good that you have an intensive way of managing your breeders. In Novus, we also encourage providing a highly bioavailable source of organic trace minerals which have been proven to improve hatchability, reduce embryo mortality and prod ...
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Dr. Von Richard Ebron is the World Area Director for Novus International Southeast Asia and Pacific, responsible for leading the strategic direction of Novus in many countries including Oceania, Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines. In this Interview, He discusses with Engormix the journey and the future of Novus International and the Animal Feed Additive Industry in Southeast Asia and Pacific ...
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In this interview, Matthew Bekker, Technical Services Manager at Novus International Oceania Region, describes the role that essential trace minerals play in the development and performance of modern birds, some factors that affect epigenetics, and how bioavailability of minerals support breeder hens
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Ermin Magtagnob, Technical Services Manager at Novus International SE Asia, discusses how the current corn-soybean prices and ratio is affecting animal producers in Southeast Asia Pacific and the role of a protease enzyme to support the use of alternative raw material
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Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Strategic Marketing & Technology Director, Novus International Southeast Asia & Pacific, speaks about the health challenges to move forward antibiotic-free production and how to improve gut health using Novus Eubiotic solutions.
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What are the critical factors to reaching optimal eggshell quality? Hear what Megharaja Manangi -senior research scientist, Novus International- said about this topic during IPPE 2020, in Atlanta, USA.
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Dr. Rey Agra, Minerals and Feed Quality Product Manager, South East Asia Pacific at Novus International, explains the uniqueness of MINTREX® Cu trace minerals and the two-to-one chelated structure with methionine source HMTBa, during VIV Asia 2019.
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Dr. Dexter Abrigo, Regional Marketing Director, South East Asia Pacific at Novus International, talks about how Novus is ´Pushing Boundaries´ with its science-driven products, an expanding client base, and hands-on technical service teams, during VIV Asia, in Bangkok, Thailand.
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