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Paul Walker Thompson - I like your closing May God Bless You Always in the Name of Jesus. I close all my letters with Wishing You God's Best. It is true that with the larger litters we are seeing,13-14 in the US and 14 to 16 in Europe, that the birth weights are decreased, there are more small pigs, and there is more variation in the piglets. I am the creator of Birthright Baby Pig Milk. I believe ...
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The milk comes from bovine sources of milk ingredients -Dried Whey, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein, Dried Skimmed Milk.
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Dr. Salmon. There is no bovine colostrum or colostrum from immunized sows in my Birthright Baby Pig Milk Replacer.. John L Vignes Advanced Birthright Nutrition Ralco Nutrition
Video published on November 25, 2011
Dr. John Vignes, president and owner of Advanced Birthright Nutrition, Inc, speaks about baby pig milk replacer and colostrum management at Porciandina 2011 in Ecuador.
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