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Participation in Forum on February 24, 2017
Can anyone share the details of emulsifiers and its mode of action ? Do it effect on animal fat or just on feed ingredients oil level ? What is the role in case of animal fat supplementation ?
Participation in Forum on January 23, 2017
Very informative. Thanks Ryan
Participation in Forum on March 6, 2016
Very informative and briefly explain the past, present n future !!
Participation in Forum on March 5, 2016
1st important priority: biosecurity 2nd: Biosecurity 3rd: Biosecurity 4th: Vaccination. The only thing that can prevent the chick from 1st week or from 1-10th day is MDA. SO BREEDER VACCINATION IS MOST IMPORTANT TO PREVENT EARLY AGE INFECTION. THE PROTECTIVE TITRE FOR DOC IS 3000-4000 WITH LOWEST CV%
Participation in Forum on March 2, 2016
Dear, Sometimes after vaccination on 18th day of age, we see the post-vaccination reaction of spray plus ventilation is compromised in these days, so this could be leading to increase mortality in your flock with teansmune vaccinated flock. Can you share your vaccibation program with me? And season of month of production with transmune and CEVAC IBD L ?? So we could investigate where could be the ...
Participation in Forum on March 1, 2016
Yes if you are using deventer formula and its working then it is good. But my point was that higher CV% could effect the application of deventer formula. Yes biosecurity is important part of disease control. But IBDV survive higher range of pH 2_11 and every difficult to control by disinfection.
Participation in Forum on February 29, 2016
If MDA level is lower or not present in DOC even then the drinking vaccination take day will be early as compared to DOC with higher MDA. Secondly Transmune provide protection on individual basis. Each bird get colonization in bursa with respect to its MDA level. Secondly hatchery vaccination assure 100& injection in each bird with full protective dose, this cannot be achieved with DRINKING WATER ...
Participation in Forum on February 29, 2016
Dears, As described in the presentation, we need a vaccination program that not only prevent clinical signs but also reduce the chances of vvIBD and emergence of new strain or serotype. Vector IBD do not produce immunity before 2 weeks so if chicks naturally have low MDA or higher CV% in DOC titres then it cannot prevent the challenge in early life. Challenge in early life could cause permanent i ...
Participation in Forum on August 10, 2015
Many many congratulations to Dr. Muzammal Ijaz to become the team member of ADDCON Family. WIsh you best of luck sir !!! Thanks Dr. Kabir Chohan 00923334375135 DVM, M.Phil. (Animal Nutrition)
Participation in Forum on February 5, 2015
Hello Ediwarmen. Thanks for sharing it Can you please send me feasibility on maggots meal ?? I need to know from very start cultivation to the grinding and packing of it please. Send me at : Waiting for your reply. Thanks
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