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Luc Goethals Yes , you are 100 % correct. If natural choline product can perform both structural and functional role of Choline, it's possible to replace synthetic Choline chloride. And moreover such products should perform in choline deficient diet. It is observed that such natural products perform better than synthetic Choline chloride as we are avoiding TMA related issues.
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It's experimentally not easy to determine which share of the added chemical choline you can replace by natural sources. We have ran several experiments at European Universities and Research Institutes and the outcome was very inconsistent. The problem is that one has to work with choline deficient control diets, if not, few will be seen. In our trials with a normal control group (no added chemic ...
Article published the October 16, 2020
INTRODUCTIONPhosphorus is one of the essential minerals for all the living organisms including poultry. Phosphorus being a part of energy currency, plays a critical role in cellular metabolism as well as also required in bone formation. Phosphorus is bound to phytic acid in plants thus doesn't get avail to poultry. To compensate this, additionally, Phosphorus source supplements such as dicalcium p ...
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DEB is much needed but apart from DEB the much needed things is quality of ingredients and enzyme inclusions.
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Dr Piotr Stanislawski what's your opinion about tributyrin?
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