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I. INTRODUCTION Phytase supplementation of broiler diets is a routine practice and is used primarily to liberate the P component (282 g/kg) of the phytate molecule (myo-inositol hexaphosphate; IP6). Phytase also generates ‘extra-phosphoric’ responses because phytate interacts with protein, starch, fat, calcium and trace minerals but these responses are less well understood and accep ...
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Poultry industry suffers greatly from the economic losses due to the adverse effects of mycotoxicosis attributed to reduced feed intake, poor feed conversion and nutrient utilization, growth and production performance, immunosuppression and subsequently increased susceptibility to various infections (Xue et al. 2010). Aflatoxin is the most commonly occurring mycotoxin in India. Major forms of AF i ...
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Some producers complain that their meat or egg type chickens suffer from problems in bone or egg shell quality when they include phytase in the diet as a partial substitute for the inorganic phosphorus sources (MCP; DCP; bone meal) according to the matrix value provided by the manufacturing company. Under field conditions, phytase activity is controlled by several par ...
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Nice article author. You have stimulated my interest in nutrigenomics
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