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Dr. Abdolreza Kamyab, Dear Sir, I agree with your point. The first response to removing AGPs should always be to try and reduce "crude protein" as much as costs allow. Use of pure amino acids will always improve the possibility to do this and also the cost situation. In doing so we reduce nutrient supply for potential harmful overgrowth of the likes of C. perfringens etc. However, this article als ...
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You need to share more information on your flock. i.e Initial placemment weight, weekly weight gains, house disinefection etc etc.
Discussion created on July 1, 2019
Hi all, anyone with ideas on the possible causes of broilers scratching pelleted feeds from feeders & spilling on the floor?
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Hi : It is about 3 or 4 years i use AMINONIR TO evaluate quality of nutrient in raw material like corn ,soybean mill and .... the speed in giving of result and accuracy is very useful to deciding about raw material or changing of formula of feed . also thanks to it because of evaluate of quality in some raw like soybean mill like KOH and PDI .... .
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Been using AMINONIR for 3 years and it is indeed a very valuable tool for Nutritionists.
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One of our big farmers complained of stunted growth late last year. As usual, the first suspect is the feed always. I reformulated thinking maybe it could be due to my Soybean content in the diets. Still no change. Eventually, I told him to get a new lot, divide into 2 and put one batch on our feed & the other on our competitor. Our feed did better. He had no choice but swallow his pride and d ...
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