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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Thank you for your message. Alquernat Yucca is a product intended to reduce environmental ammonia. It combines the activity of yucca’s saponins and phenolic compounds with cimenol ring, which enhances the action of the product. Once animals are fed the product, it works capturing the ammonia molecules and reducing the ammonia-producing bacteria. You can find product descr ...
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Hello Tahir Naseem , thank you for your comment. There are publications on the use of Yucca extract to control coccidia. From Biovet, we work on specific problem-solution with our products, and the approach for parasitic invasions is different: we aim to stimulate the gut immunity to battle coccidia invasion naturally through the use of Alquernat Zycox ( ...
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Mark Lacey Thank you for your comment. I agree on management measures to reduce humidity in the farm. Below there are some of my comments to complement the discussion.
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Leo Geilvoet Thank you very much for your comment. It should be highlighted that ammonia levels that are not detected by the human smell can be already negatively affecting the animal, although it is difficult to measure the extent of the adverse effects per an specific ammonia concentration. Preventive measures to reduce environmental ammonia concentration in the farm include: the management ...
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Eggshell quality can be affected by multiple factors. This article focuses on eggshell problems derived from calcium deficiency and heat stress, a frequent problem during warm seasons.The eggshell is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, and it is estimated that a laying hen secretes approximately 600 grams of calcium during its laying period to form the eggshell, which is thirty times the amount ...
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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Hello Mr Mostafa, thank you for your message. Ammonia levels are expressed in parts per million (ppm) and can be measured with a variety of tools, ranging from permanent or portable electronic devices to test strips. You can write me at for more information.
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Maria Graciela Anza , thank you for your comment. I agree with you, periodical assessment of the air quality is highly recommended, and also to perform it at the height of the animals. We recommend to measure it several times a day at different locations of the facility. The early morning is the moment where ammonia can have a higher accumulation due to low ventilation during the night.
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muhammad zeeshan thanks for your message Sir. Should you like to know more about it, you can write me at
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Peetambar Dahal Thank you for your message.
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Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi that can be present in feed ingredients. They are of great concern because they reduce the nutritional value of the feed formula and have a negative impact on the health and performance of the livestock.In the case of Southeast Asia, the annual loss due to aflatoxins in Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand was estimated to be around $900 million dollars, ...
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