Maria Soriano
Biovet S.A. Laboratories  is a manufacturer of natural additives for animal feed. It was founded in 1984 by a group of veterinarians and chemists with extensive experience in clinical practice and in the manufacture of additives and premixes for animal nutrition. Nowadays, Biovet S.A. is co...
Article published the June 21, 2021
Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli and Clostridium, the most concerning microorganisms Introduction: Importance of food safety The food industry is paying a lot of attention to avoid the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms in contaminated food, especially in animal products, which represent a threat for food safety. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ...
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Article published the May 31, 2021
The digestive system is in charge of transforming the feed into assimilable nutrients, a key process in commercial poultry farming to maintain health status and obtain good productive results. It also works as a selective barrier to protect the organism from harmful agents. Any disease that affects the function of the digestive system will lead to a loss of productive performance, such as growth ...
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Article published the May 13, 2021
Importance of air quality control in poultry farms Air quality control in poultry production is key to maintain animal welfare, which is closely related to productivity and absence of diseases. When the air components are not in harmless concentrations for the animals, stress appears and makes the birds prone to suffering from certain diseases. In farms, one of the main compounds that worsen ai ...
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Article published the May 3, 2021
Air quality control in poultry farms is a fundamental factor to ensure animal welfare, health, and performance. Some environmental parameters are controlled periodically, like humidity and temperature, although there are others, like environmental ammonia concentration, which do not suppose a deep concern for farmers, and whose related economic losses are always underestimated. Ammonia: Origin a ...
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Participation in Forum on April 7, 2021
David Koenigshofer, P.E. Hello Mr David, thank you for your comment. Kindly inform you that intestinal conditioner pronutrients, the natural solution introduced in this article, are marketed under the name "Alquernat Nebsui", which you can find in the following link:
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Dr Bidhan Chandra Das Hello Dr Bidhan, thank you for your comment. Anticoccidial plan should include biosecurity, management and hygiene practices combined with the use of prophylactic tools, such as coccidiostats and vaccines. As you say, sometimes, measures applied are not enough to beat the challenge present in the farm, and coccidiosis outbreaks can appear. In such cases, we strongly recommen ...
Article published the March 15, 2021
VACCINE FAILURES: WHY AND WHEN DO THEY OCCUR? Vaccination seeks to generate a protective immune response against a disease. Therefore, a vaccine failure occurs when a disease appears despite birds have been previously vaccinated. There are many factors involved in the efficacy of the vaccination, which are related to the vaccine, the pathogen, and the animals. 1.1.FACTORS LINKED ...
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Article published the February 2, 2021
WHAT IS COCCIDIOSIS? Coccidiosis is the main parasitosis of poultry in South East Asia. Weather and farm conditions, management practices, together with the high prevalence of vectors in the region, such as Alphitobius, ease the survival and development of coccidia. Coccidiosis is a disease present in the poultry industry worldwide affecting the intestine and therefore, the growth and performanc ...
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David Jiang Hello Mr Jiang, thank you for your comment. Pronutrients are the active molecules in which Alquernat Nebsui is based, hope my reply above may be useful for you.
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