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This member gave a presentation on January 24, 2023
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2023
Participation in Forum on March 2, 2022
Eduardo Sagrero Hello Mr Eduardo, thank you for your message. You can contact my colleague Dr David Diez (, in charge of the US market, and he will be glad to inform you about it. Regards!
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2022
Dr. Md. Mehadi Hasan Thank you Doctor for your message. Should you like to know more, please feel free to write me at:
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Excellent discussion as in winter it is a major problem. I am of the opinion that in addition to have good ventilation, use of yucca extracts, we must take care that protein should not be given above the requirement of bird so that nitrogen product is lesser available for production of ammonia. Good gut health, balanced micrbiome & balanced nutrients (good quality protein so that it is properly d ...
Participation in Forum on January 10, 2022
Dear Daniel Mc Elroy, thank you for your comment.
Participation in Forum on January 10, 2022
Pablo Lencioni Completely agree Dr Pablo, thank you for your message.
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2022
Dear Arthus Roxas , thank you for your message. Recommended ammonia concentration is, generally, under 20 ppm. When ammonia concentration is higher than that value, it can be smelled. Despite of this, ammonia levels that are not detected by the human smell can be already negatively affecting the animal, although it is difficult to measure the extent of the adverse effects per an specific ammonia ...
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2022
Dr Bidhan Chandra Das Thank you for your comment
Participation in Forum on October 14, 2021
Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Thank you for your message. Alquernat Yucca is a product intended to reduce environmental ammonia. It combines the activity of yucca’s saponins and phenolic compounds with cimenol ring, which enhances the action of the product. Once animals are fed the product, it works capturing the ammonia molecules and reducing the ammonia-producing bacteria. You can find product descr ...
Participation in Forum on October 1, 2021
Hello Tahir Naseem , thank you for your comment. There are publications on the use of Yucca extract to control coccidia. From Biovet, we work on specific problem-solution with our products, and the approach for parasitic invasions is different: we aim to stimulate the gut immunity to battle coccidia invasion naturally through the use of Alquernat Zycox ( ...
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