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Dr O S Alo
Participation in Forum on June 25, 2020
Surinder Maini They are drifting towards the place of value. The value chain tends to favour churning out new product rather than precision in diagnosis.More of product development than diagnostic practice. The value chain is culprit.
Participation in Forum on April 13, 2020
Great work.could you send me a copy also @
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Did you check whether this affects the sub conjunctival or intra ocular means of vaccination with B1 hitchner or B1 lasota? I guess strongly that subconjuctival immune glands called haderian gland will prevent the antigen to get to the bloodstream for antisera attack. Could you please discuss this?
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Reservoir of infection in the tropics is rodents and lizards. Total elimination with antibiotics is difficult. But strategic antibacterial therapy in infected flock is a good approach to break the infection cycle but should be discouraged because of public health in case of egg producers. Strict biosecurity with rat control on the master plan goes a long way to reduce fowl cholera infection.
Participation in Forum on February 25, 2019
Could you comment on nasty production drop in layers after lasota vaccinations? Even despite preliminary antibiotic regimen can be embarrassing. Can you advise?
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I agree with Fiodor (hello my Friend)- each enzyme works with specific substrate and can destroy specific antinutrients. Protease has also a specific role- working with polipeptides and support endogenous enzymes. In my calculations is usually profitable-allows to decrease AA (including limiting ones eg.Arg-Isol-Hist-Gly which are not always calculated by feed formulators). Low CP/AA diet are not ...
Discussion created on April 19, 2017
Please I wil appreciate your comment, advise and opinions on this case.
Photo posted on April 19, 2017
Fatty liver heammoragic syndrome
On the album: Clinical issues
Participation in Forum on September 29, 2016
TDear colleagues, I am also worried that klebsiella is still occupying a secondary place in diseases of poultry in most text, while indeed the wreck is very significant in the field.We need to do more and watch for its control, symptoms and treatment.
Participation in Forum on March 9, 2016
Thank you for an exhaustive ,practical and yet scientific analysis of the pathogenesis of salmonella infection in poultry.In a community where antibiotic therapy in early brooding is still a norm, most especially against most other bacteria such as clostridium, strep, staph, and even E. coli , will such not affect a live salmonella vaccine.?i would have also loved your study to incooporate an oil ...
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