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Discussion created on March 29, 2022
Recently, the first 10,000-ton grain drying production line, built by ZHENG CHANG Grain Engineering for Moguai Farm of Hulun Buir Agricultural Reclamation Group, is under intensive and orderly construction, and is expected to be debugged in September. The production line is known as an automatic production line for grain clearing, drying, warehousing, and “wet grains never touch the ground”. It wi ...
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The demand of raw materials processing for crushing is increasingly harshWith the modernization and scale development of industries including feed, protein feed, alcohol, biomass, enterprises’ requirements for raw material processing equipment have become more and more strict, even formulate a series of harsh standard to the key performance indicators of hammer mill, especially on crush ...
Discussion created on July 3, 2020
The on-site operating environment temperature of the feed production workshop is high, and the pellet mill is a key equipment in the production of feed. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the pellet mill and other key equipment during the production process in the summer high temperature season, the operator needs to do some maintenance on the pellet mill. know more on:http://www ...
Photo posted on July 3, 2020
Pellet mill maintenance in summer
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Photo posted on June 19, 2020
Energy-saving, efficient, green and innovative ZHENGCHANG hammer mill
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Discussion created on June 19, 2020
How to increase the grinding efficiency and minimize the power loss? ZHENG CHANG offers various types of energy-saving, efficient, green and innovative hammer mill. Learn more about ZHENG CHANG Hammer Mill at:
Discussion created on June 10, 2020
On June 2, 2020, Belarusian President Lukashenko held and chaired a special conference on the Belarus Agro-industrial Complex Project, and praised the first and second phases of the project. For this project, ZHENG CHANG is responsible for "Annual 600,000 tons feed(pig, chicken, cattle and sheep) production lines” and “450,000 tons steel silo”. Read this article for more about the world-class feed ...
Photo posted on June 10, 2020
Belarusian President Lukashenko Praises ZHENG CHANG Quality Project
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Photo posted on June 4, 2020
ZHENG CHANG Livestock & Poultry Feed Production Line
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Discussion created on June 4, 2020
Rich experience v Higher capacity v Higher efficiency v Lower power loss v Quality assurance v ... With the advantages above, ZHENG CHANG offers advanced livestock and poultry feed production solutions to help you meet market challenges. See more:
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