Article published the July 26, 2018
The main factors affecting the safety of feed include the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, the control of the quantity of various additives in formula, the control of artificial addition in processing, the reasonable design of feed processing technology and the proper selection of the parameters, process management and feed storage management after processing. ...
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Article published the November 29, 2017
Feed machinery mainly includes hammer mill, mixer, pellet mill, packaging scale and so on, we should reasonably arrange various models according to the actual needs of the whole set of production equipment, so that each equipment can fully play its production capacity. At the same time, the proper usage and maintenance of equipment make production proceed smoothly. As the key equipment in producti ...
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Article published the August 18, 2017
What can we do to keep feed from being contaminated by Salmonella, increase the laying rate of hens, improve the quality of eggs, and produce raw eggs without causing foodborne Salmonella infection in humans?Only starting from the food source, speeding up the upgrading of feed processing equipment, eliminating Salmonella to the greatest extent, reducing the cost from the source and improving the e ...
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