2nd Ceremony of Zengchang Agents and Top Feed Enterprises
2nd Ceremony of Zengchang Agents and Top Feed Enterprises

2nd Ceremony of Zengchang Agents and Top Feed Enterprises

April 14, 2014 to April 18, 2014
Shanghai - China
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Zheng Chang organized the 2nd Ceremony of Zheng Chang agents and top feed enterprises which took place on April 14th, 2014 in Shanghai, China. Engormix was the only online media present at this event providing press coverage.

The objective of the event was to train agents and clients on the last innovations in feed machinery. Conferences and workshops were given by Zheng Chang´s directors and managers.

As part of the program, participants visited an equipment factory for storage, transport, conditioning of animal feed and grains. It was also a programmed visit to the animal feed company COFCO which was entirely designed by Zheng Chang. 


April 14th, 2014, Monday
8:00-8:30, check out hotel and boarding on bus with all luggages
8:30-10:30, Transport to Wuzhen By bus
10:30-11:30, Check-in at Wuzhen hotel (5 stars)
11:30-13:00, Lunch (buffet)
13:30-15:30, Opening Ceremony and Introduction of Zhengchang Group.
16:00-17:40, Agent Awarding
17:40-18:00, Take a Group Photo
19:00-20:30, Welcome Dinner of Zhengchang Group (Chinese Food)
April 15th, 2014, Tuesday
7:30-8:30, Breakfast in Hotel
8:30-11:30, Seminar on Piglet feed
8:30-11:30, Sightseeing in Wuzhen for Muslim Customer with tour Guider
11:30-13:00, Lunch (buffet)
13:30-14:30, Buyer’s Credit Loan Introduced by Sinosure
14:30-17:30, 14:30 –17:30, Seminar on Agent’s Cooperation
18:30-20:30, Dinner (Chinese Food)
April 16th, 2014, Wednesday
7:00-8:00, Breakfast in Hotel
8:30-10:30, Transport from Wuzheng to Zhengchang Company in Liyang City
10:30-12:00, Visit in Zhengchang Grain Storage Company (silos, dryers, conveyor etc)
12:00-13:30, Have Lunch (Chinese Food)
14:00-16:00, Visit in Zhengchang Feed Machinery Company (show room, workshop, R&D building, die factory)
16:00-17:00, Visit in Zhengchang Feed Technology company and Electric control Company)
17:30-18:30, Sightseeing of Tianmu Lake
18:30-20:30, Having Dinner in the Hotel of Tianmu Lake
20:30-22:30, Return Wuzhen from Liyang City
April 17th, 2014, Thursday
7:00-8:00, Breakfast in Hotel
8:30-10:30, Transport from Wuzheng to Dragon well Village, Hangzhou City
10:30-11:30, Sightseeing in Dragon well Village
11:30-14:00, Have Lunch (Chinese Food) and Drinking Chinese Famous Green Tea
14:00-17:00, Shopping in the famous shopping street of hangzhou
17:30-18:30, Sightseeing in the most famous West Lake State Guesthouse
18:30-20:30, Having Dinner in West Lake State Guesthouse(buffet)
20:30-22:30, Return Wuzhen from Hangzhou
April 18th, 2014, Friday
7:00-8:00, Breakfast in Hotel
8:30-12:30, Transport from Wuzheng to Dongtai Jiangsu province
12:30-13:30, Having Lunch (Chinese Food)
14:00-16:30, Visit in the project of Cofco (including whole line of poultry feed and piglet feed)
16:30-20:00, Transport from Dongtai to Shanghai
20:00-20:30, Check-in in Pullman Hotel (5 stars)
20:30-22:30, Having Dinner (buffet or other free choice)