Video published on May 5, 2021
Watch the video to learn more about the essential role of the small intestine in absorption of nutrients from our valued speakers Prof. Dr. Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University) and Dr. Juha Apajalahti (Research Centre Alimetrics Ltd.)! These functions crucial to the profitability of the poultry production are often disturbed by inflammation due to a variety of causes, including coccidiosis and eve ...
Video published on December 26, 2017
Dr. Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University) talks about the microbiota of the chicken and the beneficial effects of some metabolites, during the 5th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok, Thailand.
Video published on September 3, 2011
Dr. Richard Ducatelle, PhD in Veterinary Pathology and Professor at Ghent University in Belgium, speaks about Salmonella Control at the XVII World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress, Cancun, Mexico in August 2011.
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