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I am poultry vet from Pakistan. It is very hot in Pakistan plain areas and mostly I observe typhoid fever in poultry farms. I use neomycin and furaltadone combination along with water supplements to treat fever and some times florfenicol salt to treat high typhoid fever, but in some farms this practice is not giving me so much good results as it should and I observe enteritis along with typhoid fe ...
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I am a doctor in Pakistan related to poultry feed and I mostly check poultry farms. I have been facing coccidiosis problem from 4 to 5 months in the field. There is mostly litter dry and climate in pakistan is mostly dry. But my poultry farmers face the coccidiosis problem in three or four times during 42 days of flock. This causes great economic losses to them. Mostly I use sulfaquinoxaline or to ...
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Can glucose be used with sodium bicarbonate in heat stress and what should be its dose?Is glucose beneficial in heat stress?
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The NC State University Hatchery Management Workshop 2017 will take place on April 19 and 20. The event is organized by the Cooperative Extension of the Prestage Department of Poultry Science. The objective of this workshop is to provide updated technical and scientific information to understand effects of incubator management on embryo and hatchling. Topics to discuss: - Egg formation. - ...
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So comprehensive detail.
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So valuable information,especially my great teacher. Thanks.
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Hope,it would be a Nice event.
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Thanks all for guiding to treat Fowl informative comments to increase my knowledge about this disease.
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Thanks all for so useful suggestions
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I recently visited an open poultry farm,having a capacity of 1000 birds.there was daily mortality of 40 birds approx.It was LSL layer breed,with age of more than one year.About 10 percent birds were lazy in the flock,with mortality of approx.40 birds from previous three days.litter was wet,with light green droppings.on post mortem,in some birds I found liver turning to slight greenish,but in most ...
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