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Excellent and wholesome information. Livoliv 250 is a promising Phytogenic supplement for enhancing the meat quality attributes, which inturn helps satisfying the taste buds of the consumers.
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In the 21st Century, the poultry industry has risen to the challenges of growing animal protein demand to feed a hungry world. More emphasis than ever before is now placed on global food security. The demand for poultry meat and eggs, produced under high animal welfare standardsis increasing. Consumer of  21st Century is more vigilant to food quality and to make right choice and preference of ...
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Maven of diversified fields including Steve Jobs believes in Quality rather than quantity. In Poultry, quality egg even if less quantity can conquer more profit than the poor quality (cracked, soiled, smelled, less weight, misshapen, etc) but more in quantity eggs. Summer is the main culprit which can deteriorate the egg quality. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are produced due to heat stress in the ...
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Guar Meal or Guar Korma is very cheap source of nutrition for the animals...Many learned persons in this discussion have compared it with soya meal. Actually it is not available throughout India or Pakistan easily as it is grown in limited areas. why only Gujrati refference is being given because it is mainly grown in Rajisthan which is next to Gujrat. No one has reffered Asam or UP because it is ...
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