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Our focus is to help animals thrive. APC is the world´s largest producer of functional proteins. From high-quality ingredients for livestock producers, feed manufacturers and pet food companies to complete animal nutrition products for end users, we offer innovative solutions that help improve t...
Article published the September 16, 2021
BackgroundSpray-dried plasma (SDP) is one of additives in swine diets [1–3] and contains high protein with balanced contents of amino acids and various physiological components, such as immunoglobulins, peptides, glycoproteins, and others [4], that contribute to modulation of microbial populations [5, 6], immune responses and inflammation [4, 7, 8], and intestinal morphology [8, 9], and othe ...
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Article published the February 2, 2021
IntroductionThere is an increasing global regulatory movement to ensure the judicious use of antibiotics at farms producing milk, meat, eggs, fish, and seafood to reduce the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that affect human health. The result of these regulatory changes will reduce the length of time antibiotics can be used, may eliminate the use of antibiotics at farms that are also ...
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This member gave a presentation on January 26, 2021
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IPPE Marketplace - International Production & Processing Expo 2021
Article published the March 10, 2020
ContextNutritional strategies that support the immune system, promote intestinal integrity and functionality, and increase tolerance to stress and disease challenges are of interest to the poultry industry. In addition, early nutrition has been recognized as an opportunity to further advance nutritional practices and improve overall performance and the health status of commercial broiler flocks. F ...
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News published on January 21, 2020
Ankeny, Iowa, USA – APC is excited to exhibit and present research at this year’s International Poultry and Processing Exposition (IPPE), held in Atlanta, GA, January 28-30, 2020. APC will kick off the week with a reception and presentation by renowned guest speaker Nan-Dirk Mulder, Global Protein Specialist for Rabobank. Join other industry professionals for a presentation on in ...
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This member gave a presentation on February 11, 2019
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2019
Article published the September 1, 2017
The gastrointestinal (GI) tract continues to undergo significant developmental changes in postnatal life. Environmental influences during this critical developmental period, including diet, stress and mucosal injury, have been shown to induce long-term changes in intestinal physiology and disease susceptibility in animal models(1 – 4). Similarly, in human subjects, increasing epidemiological ...
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Article published the June 16, 2017
BackgroundSpray dried plasma (SDP) is a protein rich product obtained from the industrial fractionation of blood from healthy animals. Blood is collected with an anticoagulant and centrifuged to separate the blood cells. Plasma is then concentrated and spray-dried under high pressure to achieve a minimum of 80 °C throughout its substance (Fig. 1). With this procedure, proteins preserve most of ...
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Article published the June 1, 2017
Weaning is one of the most stress­ful periods in the life of a pig, resulting in lower feed intake, poorer growth, and higher morbidity and mortality, particularly during the first weeks after weaning or until the immune system has become more fully developed. Weaning is a stress, independent of weaning age, caused by the abrupt separation from the sow and by other stressors related to changes ...
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Article published the March 29, 2017
 IntroductionSpray dried porcine plasma (SDPP) is a dehydrated product obtained from blood of healthy pigs collected at slaughterhouses. Spray dried porcine plasma is a protein source used in pig feed that has many functional components that significantly improves pig performance [1,2]. At a manufacturing plant, plasma is separated from red blood cells by centrifugation, concentrated and subm ...
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