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Has anyone tried using CARS in Turkey Feed? Wet Feeding has a lot of potential, because it creates a much bigger "window" for Feed Enzymes to do their work. We are doing some work here with fermented Cassava, and this product would complement it quite well. Can you provide an Amino Acid analysis? Best regards, Joe
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I'm wondering if this system could also be used in incubators....especially Hatchers.
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Emad Elgazzar WHY DECREASE OIL CONTENT? Oils have a lower Heat Increment than both proteins and carbohydrates. They also facilitate production of a denser ration, which can compensate for reduced feed intake.
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What exactly is a class 6 Carcinogen?The data I've looked at only goes up to group/class4, with Class 1 being most toxic.I've also been wondering for some time now, "how safe are synthetic amino-acids?"Have they ever been properly tested?
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The Primary Turkey Breeders eliminated all 3 Mycoplasmas from their flocks many years ago, and flocks are constantly monitored. Mycoplasma is very serious in Broiler Turkeys due to the longer grow-out period. Aviagen now owns Nicholas and B.U.T., and will no doubt be applying their proven Mycoplasma management systems to their chicken operations. I regard chickens as a serious risk, and try to ...
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HELLO DR RANDY PAYAWALI have been monitoring your subject for many years now. I am the leading Pioneer of Tropical Turkey Farming, which started in 1988 in Thailand.I'm currently setting up the ASEAN Turkey Farming Centre in Davao, which will be the hub of a new regional rural industry. It has been VERY DIFFICULT setting up in the Philippines, as I seem to be up against a lot of arrogance and igno ...
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I'm pioneering Turkey Farming in ASEAN Region, and looking at ways to utilise high fat ingredients to reduce costs, especially Lauric Acid. To what extent can your product(s) be used to assist in increasing fat content of feeds, without reducing digestibility of the total ration? Can you suggest a practical target for increased fat content?
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I found this article very interesting, and I learned a lot from it. However, there are two glaring omissions . 1/ DEHUMIDIFYING MACHINES (Electric or Diesel / Electric) are much more efficient than conventional driers, particularly in high RH. They are basically reconfigured Air Conditioners, in which incoming air passes through the Fan Coil, and drops it's moisture. The heat from the Compress ...
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I'm surprised that there is no mention of Mannans in this article because ey are surely the most interesting components of Fibre, Mannan Products, e.g. MOS, were the first widely used Pre-biotics in Farm Animals, and are also used in Human Medicine in Japan.Mannans are present in significant amounts in many feed ingredients, especially Yeast, Soy Bean and Palm Kernel.Interestingly, Solubility of M ...
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