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Participation in Forum on December 15, 2021
WRONG!.....the world certainly does not need more Soybean from Brazil, where it is causing destruction of Rainforest. The US crop is also far from sustainable, as it relies heavily on GMOs and toxic chemicals, which have serious environmental implications. Do not underestimate Oil Palm, which is far more efficient in terms of both yield and inputs. There is still room for expansion, and land are ...
Participation in Forum on April 23, 2020
I'm interested to use it in turkeys in tropical climate. What is the source of plasma used in poultry? How are potential pathogens eliminated? What is the shelf-life and storage requirements?
Participation in Forum on January 4, 2020
A very interesting article. However, I'm curious why there is no mention of MOS in the Prebiotics section? MOS is possibly the most well-proven and widely used prebiotic in general use.
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The banning of antibiotics does not induce the automatic update of the nutrition reflection software of each of us. The update is essential ... it's up to you to do it. Working without antibiotics is possible. Continuing with antibiotics is mortifying for society ... and this is not our ethics. We need to bring healthy products and not products able to carry resistance. It was much easier to work ...
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Nothing is as well done as by physiology ...The intestine is a bubbling of life ...The antibiotic is a drying up of life ...Sodium butyrate is a real activator of the life bubbling of the contents and the digestive container ... *Let's be creative, let's be imaginative, be relevant, in our new products, but first of all let's be physiological and honest. Ph.GYour hypothesis is beautiful, sophistic ...
Participation in Forum on June 12, 2019
Has anyone tried using CARS in Turkey Feed? Wet Feeding has a lot of potential, because it creates a much bigger "window" for Feed Enzymes to do their work. We are doing some work here with fermented Cassava, and this product would complement it quite well. Can you provide an Amino Acid analysis? Best regards, Joe
Participation in Forum on August 20, 2018
I'm wondering if this system could also be used in incubators....especially Hatchers.
Participation in Forum on June 19, 2018
Emad Elgazzar WHY DECREASE OIL CONTENT? Oils have a lower Heat Increment than both proteins and carbohydrates. They also facilitate production of a denser ration, which can compensate for reduced feed intake.
Participation in Forum on April 20, 2018
What exactly is a class 6 Carcinogen?The data I've looked at only goes up to group/class4, with Class 1 being most toxic.I've also been wondering for some time now, "how safe are synthetic amino-acids?"Have they ever been properly tested?
Participation in Forum on April 12, 2018
The Primary Turkey Breeders eliminated all 3 Mycoplasmas from their flocks many years ago, and flocks are constantly monitored. Mycoplasma is very serious in Broiler Turkeys due to the longer grow-out period. Aviagen now owns Nicholas and B.U.T., and will no doubt be applying their proven Mycoplasma management systems to their chicken operations. I regard chickens as a serious risk, and try to ...
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