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Heat stress term has been using when the environmental temperature reached up to 28 C. However, some researchers claimed that the environmental temperature lower than 25 C in night and poultry consume enough feed the effects of heat stress may compensate, in contrast to this daytime and night, high temperature may cause heat stress. Some research results also showed that in the hatchery and early ...
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Yusuf Konca Why consider temperature only?
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I also have problem and reactions with CLO2, earlier. We started with H2O2+Ag combination, results are incredible great. Chlorine dioxide, in fact are small gas bubbles in water of CL. Chloride is one halogen and influence in plenty methabolic pathways, including exchange other halogens (Iodine for example). Miroslav
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Dear Atif Hanza, Most important in poutry open growing is biosecurity.
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I would like to discuss with Dr Summers about some points of this work. Looking forward for contact at my email Thank you in advance, Kind regards, Dr Miroslav F. Besermenji
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It is well know from Bayer and other companies, to try to involve formaldehyde as antimicrobial agent in animal protection. My opinion are that must involve high concern regarding toxic and other side effects. WHO link:
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Chlorine , alone cant be enough. Just google terms as chlorinated water pipeline outbreak (or the same as it), you will see plenty of documents that show you how chlorine dont have capacity to destroy biofilm. Especially in farm's that are on the edge of public water supply. Also, during vaccination, medications etc, you should avoid water with chlorine. You, probably know that. But i am not sure ...
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I know producer who had to replace all of the drinkers in his poultry house twice in less than a year because his acidification program was too aggressive. That cost him about $4,000. Remember, we you talking about acids, and acids corrode metal components, without exception. A producer must determine when considering the use of acids: will the gain in production outweigh the cost of replacing com ...
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