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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Render technical services to commercial layer farms particularly in cage layer farming ( House designing, ventilation, veterinary cover, Nutrition,and farm management)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Good article but unable to understand survival rate more than 100%.
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Dear Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna, yes it is possible. Some microorganisms, such as some types of yeast, can secrete active lipase, which helps to digest fats. On the other hand, good secretion of bile acids reduces the toxic effects of mycotoxins. At the same time, the total number of microorganisms in the intestine increases and this increases the ability to assimilate all potentially nutrients, ...
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I personally believe it is better to have a single dark period, the length of which would remain the same for essentially the entire length of the flock.
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Unfortunately, most people claim they are nutritionists and don't pay attention to basic nutrition concepts such as precision nutrition and optimal growth curve, also known as the magic mountain; Enzymes will work regardless of the formula. A well-trusted source of enzyme is all that is needed. However, if the diet is formulated to optimum or over formulated, and the formulator decides to give the ...
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I think before giving the IB VAC we should at least study the area disease history: frequent variants will lead to immunocompromised birds. Be careful I think, two variants is more than enough, focusing on SOP of the farm, ventilation system, finally using the mass strain periodically from different companies in layer and breeder.
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Excellent discussion as in winter it is a major problem. I am of the opinion that in addition to have good ventilation, use of yucca extracts, we must take care that protein should not be given above the requirement of bird so that nitrogen product is lesser available for production of ammonia. Good gut health, balanced micrbiome & balanced nutrients (good quality protein so that it is properly d ...
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Ben Letor Thanks Dear, My email is please.
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Mike Czarick (University of Georgia) explained the best method to get accurate measurements, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dr.Waseem Talib I understand your concern about horizontal transmission of F strain to unvaccinated flocks. But there are some important points that should be noted when and why using a vaccine with a live sample of Mycoplasma gallisepticum. On the sanitary conditions of most commercial egg production farms in Latin America, Africa and Asia: 1) There is no use of the "all in - all out" concep ...
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As per my experience with commercial layer, after using F. Strain, MG remains on farm and transfer to other killed vaccinated flocks in that territory, it causes exposure for other flocks resulting in losses. If all the flocks in same territory are F. Strain vaccinated then its exposure makes the strong shield against MG and helpful for protection. But if any one flock is vaccinated with F. Strain ...
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