Maqsood Jaffery
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Render technical services to commercial layer farms particularly in cage layer farming ( House designing, ventilation, veterinary cover, Nutrition,and farm management)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Past history shows that HVT monovalent vaccine remained protective till early 1980's - then very virulent viruses (vvMD) emerged. Industry started bivlent vaccine (serotype-2 MD vaccines combined with HVT) which gave good protection till early 1990s - then very virulent plus (vv+) MD emerged. This suggests that current management of intensive poultry farming is favouring increase in the virulen ...
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It is common that drinking water available to poultry birds is found higher in concentration than normal/safe levels. I request for discussions on complications of high level of Arsenic in drinking water, particular to the effects on bird health, performance & effects on quality of meat & eggs.
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Maqsood Jaffery one of the overlooked factor you mentioned on beak trimming it's a factor as it could affect the feeding pattern and rate of a bird if poorly and/or cut roughy.Other points are very important too and these advice will greatly help in managing prolapse.
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A. Maqsood Haider Jaffery
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Better understanding of ventilation management for a poultry house under high temperature & high external humidity conditions with energy (electricity) input conservation.
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  It is fairly common practice to operate evaporative cooling pads off both house temperature and an interval timer. For instance, the evaporative cooling pad pump would be set to turn on once house temperature reaches 82°F, at which time an interval timer would allow the circulation pump to operate a minute or two out of ten. Once the house temperature drops below 81°F, the circulat ...
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Thanks for introduction of good product for chicks to be transported to farm particularly in warm climate like of my country. I am working as poultry consultant in PAKISTAN. I need further technical details, shelf life (expiry duration) & approximate price for evaluation of product verses benefits achieved.
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Iron plays an important role in poultry nutrition. From the active site in the heme group in blood to functional groups in enzymes, iron is critical for metabolic balance. These roles for iron aren’t unique to animals, as it is also important in the growth of bacteria, including pathogens. Also, iron is a significant antagonist against minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in diets. The rig ...
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During production period ionophores are not recommended in layer birds, As they may produce negative effect on egg production and egg size. However the best way was vaccination of birds against coccidiosis on first three days of age. I have seen that it is a general problem in layer birds during 16weeks to 26 weeks of age. Because here we are providing layer ration to the birds with almost 4% ...
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I'm not sure why the term "overfeeding of antibiotics" is used. The antibiotics have been used for their stated -and FDA approved- purpose of improving growth rates and feed conversion. It's not like the industry has been sneakily using them for nefarious purposes just to improve profits.
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