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Maqsood Jaffery
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Render technical services to commercial layer farms particularly in cage layer farming ( House designing, ventilation, veterinary cover, Nutrition,and farm management)
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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Christoph Hutter This is a good point! Some of the organic acids can be used as an energy source at lower concentrations, or when used in isolation. This difference can even be seen at the same pH with some acids resulting in blooms and others not. It depends on the microorganisms having the molecular pathway to metabolize the acid. As you say, this is not seen for formic acids. And many blends ba ...
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Carlos Augusto Borges, it's not only vegetable protection that could pass through the duodenum, the butyrins (acids+glycerol) are fully capable of doing this path in higher concentrations.
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Managing by the “average” of anything can be a potentially dangerous concept when it comes to growing birds. For instance, when tunnel ventilating market-age broilers the average house temperature could be 80°F, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but it hides the fact that it could be 70°F at the pad end and 90°F at the fan end of the house which definitely would be d ...
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@oumed gerjis Thanks Dear for valuable guidance. I have observed that poultry Farmers instead of working on bio security & other health management in long lived birds like commercial layer birds, give Live IB vaccines of both classic & variant types with the interval of 30 to 50 days. Only one type of vaccine is used at one time & is usually Massachusetts type but variant (usually 4/91 mostly is g ...
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Wael Elfeil I agree with this approach, But how are you rated "Protectotype"? (cross defense).
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Fazal Malik Malik mutation risks in IB is high whatever the vaccines used It can occur in nature with wild virus or even between wild virus and any vaccine seed IB , belong to corona family, one of its main characteristic features is mutation and recombination
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Akintunde Akintoye, greetings. Maybe the flocks sprayed with IB-4/91 had a bacterial infection and this vaccine its residual pathogenicity higher Classic IB vaccines, so it was a postvaccinal reaction complicated with bacteria.It's not preferable to use 4/91 in the first few days of life; if you are using prime-boost strategy; use it as a second dose; if it required in your area and match cir ...
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My experience of a few years - working in the diagnosis, prevention and control of avian mycoplasmosis in industrial poultry - shows me that: 1) Vaccines and treatments for MG were not made to be applied in the broiler production pyramid; you're either free, or you're out. 2) Acquiring birds free of MG and MS and applying heavy biosecurity rules is a key point to control the problem in this chain. ...
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Good development & it will continue to develop against more pathogenic bacterias.
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Christos Gougoulias (Innovad)     Modern poultry broiler production strives for the maximum live weight, which can contribute to chronic intestinal inflammation and broader metabolic syndromes. There is thus a need to establish realistic models that help the industry. Several challenge models have been proposed by the scientific community and these include biological agents or patho ...
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