This member gave a presentation on January 26, 2021
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IPPE Marketplace - International Production & Processing Expo 2021
News published on July 23, 2020
CHAMPAIGN, Ill., 07/23/2020 – The Poultry Science Association’s first ever Virtual Annual Meeting has concluded. The meeting was held online over the course of three days and included over 300 scientific presentations, more than 65 hours of programming, and exceeded 1,000 registrants. An additional benefit of this year’s meeting being held in a virtual space, is that registrants ...
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Article published the March 19, 2020
Salmonella Enteritidis is a significant foodborne pathogen that can often be traced back to poultry and poultry products. Feed ingredients such as Bacillus probiotics and parietal yeast fractions have gained in interest to reduce food safety issues. Consequently, 2 in vivo trials were setup to evaluate the ability of these products to reduce Salmonella Enteritidis colonization in th ...
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This member gave a presentation on January 27, 2020
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2020
This member gave a presentation on January 27, 2020
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2020
Article published the July 30, 2019
INTRODUCTION Salmonella enterica is the 3rd leading cause of foodborne illnesses globally; accounting for 78 million illnesses and 59 thousand foodborne-related deaths annually (Havelaar et al., 2015). In the United States, non-typhoidal Salmonella is responsible for 1 million illnesses, 19 thousand hospitalizations, and 378 deaths each year (Scallan et al., 2011). Children (≤5 years old) and ...
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Article published the April 9, 2019
Abstract Necrotic enteritis (NE) caused by Clostridium perfringens (CP) is a devasting bacterial disease responsible for economic losses, by increasing mortality because of damage to the broiler small intestine. Since ban of antibiotics use as growth promoters (AGPs) in some markets like in Europe and no antibiotic ever programs (NAE) in U.S., economic losses have become more prevalent. To preven ...
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This member gave a presentation on April 3, 2019
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6th IHSIG Symposium on Poultry Gut Health
Video published on March 18, 2019
Charles Hofacre (Southern Poultry Research) discussed the reduction of Salmonella on broilers going to the processing plant and gave additional recommendations, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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