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Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad Mashhadi
Animal Nutritionist
Ration Formulation for layer,Breeder parent flock,Broiler ,cattle and buffalo for milk and fattening. Analytical services for raw material and feed analysis New feed mill and lab development To train the newly fresh graduate for Farm manager & feed mill manager
Animal Nutritionist
Photo posted on May 25, 2011
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Participation in Forum on December 2, 2010
The Title of the article and its contents does not match and the mentioned fig.# 1 and table#1 are missing
Participation in Forum on August 18, 2010
The article Correct usage and maintainance of a ring die by Mr. Wang Chao, Muyang Group is an interesting for the feed manufacturing practices. the author deeply narrate the Roller gap and Die maintenance . I will be highly obliged if the author throws light on the die maintanance for the following points: As the life of a die with the passage of time deteriorates with metal traps and grooves ...
Participation in Forum on August 9, 2010
Factors Affecting Egg Quality by R. Scott Beyer,is an article really appreciated and I agree with Dr.Habib comments
Participation in Forum on July 16, 2010
Dear Lückstädt, ADDCON Thanks a lot for your valuable information about fish meal
Participation in Forum on December 24, 2009
The application of saponins in poultry nutrition by P.R.Cheeke is an informative article and now a days when the world is shifting to alternatives to antibiotic in animal use,this is much more helpful and some products saponin are in the market but the situation is who will ring the bell .Besides being a detergent and surfactant property of saponin for growth promotion it may be used in comparison ...
Participation in Forum on December 10, 2009
Usage of fat in Broiler Nutrition by Bekezela Dube is a good recollection for nutritionists to reveiew as the term fat(Animal or plant) is used for synonym for lipid in human and animal nutrition.To use fats in poultry nutrition requires precise test for their quality with respect to free fatty acids,peroxide value,impurities.The main and utmost factor to use fat is to consider the presence of ess ...
Participation in Forum on September 12, 2009
The article is a good recollection of informattion regarding nutrient importance for reproduction but the daily requirement of the said nutrients are not specified in the article. It would be a beneficial effort if the quantity of these nutrients are also elaborated.However it is an appreciable article
Participation in Forum on July 21, 2009
A good tool to reduce the phosphorus pollution but it should be mentioned that how much phytate phosphorus in the trial rations because NRC 1994 depicts the available or Non-Phytate phosphorus level in layers at 80-120 grams feed is 0.31 to 0.21[percent] respectively. The detailed information about formulation and its nutrient should also be mentioned . At present era of advanced technology the co ...
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2009
The Article: Fresh fish for high quality fish meal ia a valuable information but the duration of critical storage period is an important factor as KDF holds promise as an agent to control necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens and it may be possible to enhance the efficacy of KDF by manipulating dietary properties that may influence the dissociation kinetics of KDF in the gut.
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