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Correct usage of a ring die

Correct usage and maintenance of a ring die

Published: August 17, 2010
As a critical part of a pellet feed mill, the ring die is not only directly related to pellet quality, but also to the maintenance cost of a feed mill. According to statistics, the cost of wear and tear of ring dies usually counts for 25% of the plant’s total maintenance expenses. As a result, it seems prudent to offer direction and instruction on the correct usage and maintenance of a ring...
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Famsun Group
Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad Mashhadi
18 de agosto de 2010
The article Correct usage and maintainance of a ring die by Mr. Wang Chao, Muyang Group is an interesting for the feed manufacturing practices. the author deeply narrate the Roller gap and Die maintenance . I will be highly obliged if the author throws light on the die maintanance for the following points: As the life of a die with the passage of time deteriorates with metal traps and grooves on the surface , at what stage we should grind the surface of die whether it depends upon number of bags produced by the die or thickness of die normally when the thickness of die reaches at 35 mm then it was broken into pieces
Cedrick Maxwell Guerrero
15 de julio de 2013
sir regarding the installation,we follow the clearance between the die and roller,but the result of our run test is not good,the raw materials mashed clogged on the die.the roller can not press hard so the output of pellet is so little...our die holes diameter is 4 mm. originally the clearance is zero but its okay it can run continuous.we use feeler gauge for measuring clearance.please advise.thank you
17 de julio de 2013
The clearance between the die and roller should be very small or the raw materials will generate adamant shell which prevent pellets generation and clog the die holes. So, just reduce the clearance between ring die and roller and don't touch each other directly. I hope it can help you.
Rizwan Aslam
26 de octubre de 2021
More useful information is needed on the topic of "when to change the die with new one" and which of the raw materials are easy to pelletize
19 de mayo de 2022
I have ring die pellet mill installed recently I am manufacturing sawdust pellets, I am not able to achieve desired length. Help
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