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Participation in Forum on February 17, 2015
Dear Mr. Ing. Dragan Lonut Regarding your question we don´t have expander, only conditioning and pellet. What would be the contribution of that binder?
Participation in Forum on January 20, 2015
Dear Mr. Biggliani  Here are the specs. Feed Type: Lactation and Gestation  Pellet Size: 4 mm  Die L/d ratio: 2.5 mm Moisture before the conditioner: 14.9  Moister after the conditioner: 23.2 Temp. of feed before pellet chamber: 83 Steam press.:2.2 BAR Conditioner RPM: 3262 Ave. Particle Size: 700 microns Screen Size: 3.0 mm Thank you and we appreciate for helping us and ...
Participation in Forum on January 6, 2015
Dear Dr Rakesh,We are experiencing durability and rough texture of our pellet product. How can we overcome this problem? We try to increase the temp. at 80-85 deg. 500 feed RPM and steam press of 2.2 bar. Please advice us. Thank you!
Participation in Forum on July 15, 2013
sir regarding the installation,we follow the clearance between the die and roller,but the result of our run test is not good,the raw materials mashed clogged on the die.the roller can not press hard so the output of pellet is so little...our die holes diameter is 4 mm. originally the clearance is zero but its okay it can run continuous.we use feeler gauge for measuring clearance.please advise.than ...
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July 15, 2013
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