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Luis Fernando Vergamini Luna. Thank you for the comment. I think in future this might be a reality. Currently, though, our understanding of microbiota dynamics is still poor; and in fact we know that it varies considerably even between individual birds in the same house. We therefore are forced into broad management decisions and strategies, like the ones I presented. MPS
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My suggestion is screening the particular microbiota of each production complex and correlate higher and lower performance with the patterns.Doing it with feaces could help to understand why the microorganisms are there.Feaces is part of our production and we do not go deep in understanding the most inoculation power in the whole system.
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Excellent discussion. I just wanted to mention that today there are massive sequencing technologies to study the entire intestinal flora at a certain time and without the need for cultures. This will allow us to understand the microbiological responses to the action of food and additives.
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Claudio Afonso Thanks for your comment! We used the 16S RNA amplicon sequencing analyses. I've attached the link for the papers related to this research. If you would like to take a look at the overall results.
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Nice work. Wondering if you are planning to try using just total RNA random sequencing instead of 16S variable region. In our hands when we use RNA, we obtain almost complete 16S, 18s and 23S for species level resolution and in some cases and viral RNAs as well. Since you are dealing with RNA random amplified you may obtain a sense of what bacteria/viruses are transcriptionally active.
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Nice and important work! I am wondering if you are using metagenomics the 16S variant region of Ribosomal RNA or just random sequencing of total RNA. This last one because it may provide specie resolution for bacterial ribosomal in addition of information on viral microbiota including bacteriophages.
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Denise Russi Rodrigues (USDA, Ohio State University) talked about probiotics and early colonization as means of improving gut health and poultry performance, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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IntroductionSignificant economic losses in the poultry industries due to moderate to high mortality and decreased egg production have resulted from H9N2 low pathogenic avian influenza virus (LPAIV) infections across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia (Fusaro and others 2011, Lee and Song 2013). The currently circulating Eurasian H9N2 LPAIV has rapidly spread to become the most prevalent LPAIV ...
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