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We help raw ingredients realize their true potential. Maxx Performance was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to extend the useful life of feed additive ingredients using microencapsulation technologies—and bring about true innovation on behalf of our customers and their consumers.  ...
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Concerns exist as to whether use of phytase enzymes in poultry feed lead to decrease feed intake during excessive heat, characteristic of the summer months. Reduction of phytase reduces intake of calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals which are important in eggshell formation and resistance. Jones in 2012 reported that significant loss of phytase activity during steam conditioning and pelleting ...
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Abstract This paper discusses the definition, methods, advantages and disadvantages of microencapsulation, and identifies the improvements achieved in animal nutrition with the advent of microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is used to improve product bioavailability, delivering nutrients and additives to the digestive tract at varying rates or sites of delivery with an aim to improve animal pe ...
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Shall we combine maize flour with locally available vitamin compounds
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Again, microencapsulation is a tool that is being used to deliver slow release organic acid compounds and essential oils to specific areas of the GIT where organisms such as Clostridium perfringes and others reside. These targeted slow release compounds have been shown to promote gut health.
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Introduction: 70% Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) is a feed stable, microencapsulated (encapsulated) form of vitamin C for the aquaculture industry. It is also used in animal feeds. Maxx Performance’s proprietary barrier coating technology offers the best in highly stabilized vitamin C for optimum stability in the feeds for aquaculture and animals worldwide. 70% encapsulated, stabilized, vitamin ...
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Introduction Economic impact of oxidative stress on the profitability of dairy cows and calves: In the most simplistic terms, the body (humans and animals) could be compared to a medium in which millions of chemical reactions take place with the support of food energy. These reactions are the basis of life without which life will cease to exist. Thus, the body could simply be called the fire of ...
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