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Leandro Redondo (INTA) discussed the pathogenesis of Clostridium perfringens and the concepts that could help design effective strategies to control it, during the 8th Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals in St. Louis, USA.
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Recommend everyone take a listen to this discussion/topic regarding how Microencapsulation affects availability of Meats and Food Globally with well renowned Dr. Paul Siegel of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)! With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is a good one to listen to.
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Most of our customer relationships begin with a unique application challenge, and this case was no exception.An internist at a Midwestern medical hospital contacted us to discuss how our technology might be applied to reduce the use of antibiotics in monogastric animals; his concept was to deliver a blend of organic acids into the intestines to target harmful bacteria instead – essentially p ...
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Emmanuel Nwaotule We do not sell probiotics per se. This is done only on a contract/toll basis meaning, he will have to source the probiotics and send to us for us to apply our technology.
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Ankur Gupta Our ingredients are available globally. We service India from the U.S. Let us know how we can work together.
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    In this Maxx Talks, Dr. Paul Siegel discusses the greater potential of Microencapsulation and how can be used to deliver everything from improved nutrition to extended shelf life. Dr. Paul Siegel is a former professor emeritus at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), where he spent over 40 years with the Department of Animal and Poultry S ...
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    How Microencapsulation as a delivery system can be used to optimize nutrient absorption in ruminants? In this Maxx Talks, hear what Dr. Wayne Greene has to say about the benefits of Microencapsulation as a technology platform capable of delivering full value of sensitive ingredients up and down the gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Wayne Greene is a professor and head of the ...
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov Thanks for contacting us. We have used our microencapsulation technology to stabilize and deliver enzymes with thermal stability-used in pelleting. Our technology is such that we can deliver high performance particles with varying sizes depending on the desired functionality and request of our collaborating partners. Again, in the space that we occupy, we take the raw enzyme o ...
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We hope everyone is still staying safe during this pandemic!
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During these difficult times, everyone please stay safe!
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